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Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



Dont you just hate computers? I do. I'll tell you now that this is not a fictional story of a mystical far off land, this is a true story of how a computer destroyed my day and the days following it.

It was a nice day in little Tasmania, for once fate was seeming to smile on sixteen year old Katia Smith. The day got even better when her Mum texted back "ok" telling her she was aloud to go to her best friend Jay's house. Soon Katia, Jay and Shannon were at Jay's house, drinking milk and eating cookies, contemplating why they joined the dark side. ^_^ Not long afterwards Jay and Shannon went off to Jay's room, to do... stuff. So Katia went on the computer. The night before this Katia had stayed up till one in the morning writing her stories for her booksie page, and was exited to finally get the chapters up that people had been asking for, so she didn't hesitate to put her usb stick into the computer. For some reason, after she put it in, it was taking a very long time for the usb stick to register in the computer, and when it finally did, it said errors had occured. Confused, Katia whent into the computer menu then hit 'computer' and finding her usb stick registered, she went into it, to find... nothing. The computer had erased all of her files because of a glitch in that usb port, only that one, only the one she wanted to use. You think it cant get any worse can you? Well it can, she didn't have a backup. She had been too busy in the morning getting ready for school that she hadn't had time to backup her files on her computer, so all of those stories that she'd burned the midnight oil for were completely and utterly gone. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't recover the documents, she couldn't even recover her yaoi folder (not that she likes yaoi o_O)

The End.

There are no happily ever afters, why you ask, because this, my friends, is reality.

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