spirit of the inside

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the boys on the other end of the street don't know the mystery behind the building next door.....
there lives are in danger....

The spirit moved swiftly across the room.... It made a soft groan, alerting the members of the house.

Harry shifted in his seat and turned behind, he was clearly sure no one else was in the house and Andrea his daughter wa sitting very close to him with her head on his shoulder.

Her mother had traveled to Los Angeles the week before so who was there???

Who's there? His subtle voice sounded, he was alert and knew he had a groan from the warehouse.

Andrea was already asleep so he took her to her room and covered her with the blanket..

He headed to the warehouse and checked inside, but he could not find anyone.

Maybe it's just my imagination.. Harry thought and was about to move when something crashed to the ground.

This time it was the flower vase that crashed close to the kitchen....

Larry felt cold inside.... He and his family had just moved into the house, but no one was living in there.

They said the owner of the house had died due to an accident.

"My house..." A voice thin shrilled from the warehouse.

Please who are you? And what's your mission here? Larry asked.this time he was already shivering.

Submitted: September 15, 2021

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