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A short mystical story.

Submitted: September 17, 2012

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Submitted: September 17, 2012



“Girls, I  have found out her address, she lives far from here but I think it’s still ok if we go there 
in  the morning.
She is a little odd this woman,  but  that’s no business of ours I guess. She just tells us what we need 
and we will go. Let’s meet each other at the café  tomorrow and don’t be late.”
Louise, Annette and Victoria were friends. They would fight sometimes, but it  didn’t  affect their 
friendship at all. They were never jealous of each other. They were good-looking and successful.
None of them has  ever had a claim on leadership.  They decided to have a rest in their favorite café  before  going to the fortune–teller’s  place.
“Do you know that she will receive us only if we don’t tell anybody about our visit?
Have you  fulfilled  her condition?” Asked Louise.
“Yes .”  Was their answer.
The house of the fortune-teller was on the outskirts of  town.
When they  came  to the  place  where the  house might have been situated they saw  nothing but ruins.
“Is it the very place where she lives?”
“You must  have confused  her house with  these ruins.” Said Annette with  an irony.
“Even a dog would escape!”
“Quite on the contrary!” They  heard  the voice.
“Who is there?”
“Don’t be  afraid you have come to me, haven’t you?”
The fortune-teller welcomed them in. They followed the fortune-teller and opened the door.

“I was waiting for you. I know what you are interested in. A lot of people come here and most of them ask the same questions. Please sit down  and make yourselves  at home.”
The girls sat down at the table. They were looking at the woman  with  great  interest  and could hardly 
wait to begin. But the woman didn’tseem to hurry.
“Have you fulfilled my request?”
“Yes,  no one  knows where we are.”
“It’s impossible to find us here anyway.” Thought  Annette.
“You are right Annette.”
The fortune-teller hasn’t told them anything important yet.
“It  wasn’t worth coming here”.
“You are right again”. The fortune-teller turned her head  to Annette slowly.
“It’s far better not to think at all now.” Whispered Annette  to  Louise, but she didn’t even react
as if she  didn’t hear her.
“Now get ready  to learn about your future. You will always be together. Your lives  will be full of 
adventures and surprises.”
“You can go now.  That’s all.”She added  after a little pause.

“Hmm, we needn’t have to come here I could tell you even more.”  Said Victoria laughing merrily. But her 
eyes met  the fortune-teller’s eyes  and her laugh immediately  stuck  in her throat.
She asked  her  friends  breathlessly to help her and began to cough. Louise andAnnette  rushed to her.
They unbuttoned her collar and spanked her cheeks. Victoria with all her strength tried  to breathe in fresh
air as much as possible.  Annette  and  Louise  ran away from the house  they were sure  that someone  would hear  them and come to help, but in vain.
The woman’s house disappeared with Victoria inside it.  Annette  and Louise  couldn’t understand anything. 
After Victoria’s disappearance they got frightened to death.  When they came back home the girls decided tostay in together. The terror didn’t let them part. They were asking themselves one and  the same question all the time:“What happened?” But they were not able to find an answer to it.
The most strange things began to happen  then. No one asked them where Victoria was, it was as if she had never  lived before .  The friends were lost in conjectures.  Living together helped them to fight against  the fear. 
The  sound of footsteps at night  would scare them at first, but then they got used to them  even to  sighs andsummons as they  knew that it was Victoria.
The girls decided to call on the fortune-teller again and ask her about Victoria. They found the way to her house easily this time and it seemed  that she knew they would come.
The girls asked only one question;  “where is Victoria?”
“She is always with you.” Answered the woman.
  “Anything else?”
“You should tell us where she is! We must  know where she is.”
She could hardly  contain herself.
“When you leave, Annette you will know where she is.”
Having said that she disappeared again with Annette and the house.
Louise  was staring spellbound  at the place  where the fortune-teller’s house was once situated. She didn’t even knowhow long she had been standing in such a condition.
No one asked about  Annette either after her disappearance. Louise knew that her friends were here with her. She just couldn’t see them, but she would talk to them a lot.
Louise was standing in front of  the fortune-teller’s house for the third time. She didn’t ask a question this time she merely  said;  “I have come.”  

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