In The Cage (The Cage)

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A short story about a trip in the mountains.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



“ Here,I have found it, look, that’s  what we  need.” Eleanor showed him the newspaper.
“What’s that?”
“The tourist firm organizes a ten day tour in the mountains, tickets and three time a day feeding, Steve, really ,  that what we need.’’
“Yes, Eleanor, that’s  what we wanted, and  what about the time?’’
“Oh, in the end of this  week , they have a group of twenty  people, comfortable hotels and not so expensive, it will be wonderful. “
In theend of the weekEleanor  and  Steve left for the tour. All the group of twenty people was ready to start the journey. They preferred flyingby  helicopter, as  it would take  from twenty to thirty minutes instead of four hours by car. Firm representatives were very serious people, and the firm was well knownwith good record.
“well,Steve, twenty minutes, and we are in the mountains.’’ Eleanortraveled  by helicopter for the first time and she liked it. Soon they saw the mountains and in some minutes they were at the very place of their journey.
“Steve, why don’t we land? What happens? “
‘’I don’t know darling, I think ,  that’s Ok.”
At that moment the pilot announced that they had a problem, their helicopter was falling down as the fuel had  somehow poured out. They had to jump from helicopter. Eleanor wouldn’t imagine how to do it, but there was no time  to think. The  pilot was nervous, but at last he managed to  land the helicopter. They rushed out .  The pilot was quite  alright now, we shall contact with the  administration by portable wireless, no problem”.  But neither portable wireless, nor mobile telephones worked. It was rather unpleasant.  The tourists were without any shelter, they had neither food, nor water. But they were  sure, there was some way out. They didn’t know if there were any animals in this forest, it was daytime and they went to find some  food, they decided to be together and not part with each other. Soon they found a hut. They were sure to find some kind of food and water there, but the hut was empty. The women  decided to stay in the hut, and the men went to the forest. Eleanor said ,  ‘’Let’s start a fire and somebody will see it and come here  to help us.’’ The  women liked the idea . “ Maybe our men  will catch some animal or bird and we will fry it for supper.” They said. By and by they got frightened. “It’s time for them to be back,  isn’t?’’ They would  repeat.  ‘’They may have lost the  way back.”
“Oh, no, here they ‘re coming , does anybody have matches?” 
“No, but I have a  lighter, this is the use of my smoking now.” Eleanor switched on the lighter and suddenly she saw a face of monster. She was so frightened, that she dropped her lighter and the fire started in the  hut. The women ran out of it.
“Did you see the face?!”
“what  face?”
“That, what looked through the window. It was so terrible that I dropped the lighter.”
Nobody saw this  face , except Eleanor.
“I may  have been  mistaken .’’She said. 
The hut was burnt down.  The night fell. The woman could not sleep, they were too nervous.
Suddenly they heard some noise.
“Oh,  Lord, Steve, is that you, what’s  happened?”
She hardly recognized Steve, he looked exhausted, bloody, his clothes were torn. He was holding somebody , that man was wounded or dead.
“what has happened?!” Eleanor and other women were shocked with fear. 
“The  rests are dead.”
Steve said and fell unconscious. The women looked at each other, they were terrified. “How can it be , he might have  been sick.”
They tried to help Steve to come to himself. The other man ‘s wife was so frightened that she couldn’t even come close to her husband. He tried to say something, but his strength left him.
His wife was also close to death, she even could not cry, she only embraced and kissed him.
“Oh, my , it is the horrible dream, that cannot come to an end !”
By and by Steve came to himself. 
“We are to leave this place ,we are to run away from here.”
He was still very weak, Eleanor tried to listen attentively. 
“They are terrific, half monsters, half people. They live here. They caught us with the net, they killed ten of us and  put others into the cage, but they freed two of us, I don’t know why , we are  to run, they may watch and follow us.”
They  buried their friend and  tried to leave this place  quietly to find a safer place. Time  passed, nobody appeared. They didn’t know that all their way the monsters were hiding on the trees, silently watching the tourists.
Suddenly one of the women saw  a car in the distance, a very old  one,  but still was a car. They ran to it, started the engine. They were so happy  and relieved. It gave them the strength to fight again.  They managed to start the car  and leave  that place at last .
“Oh, lord, now we may be saved, we are alive, we’re driving home.” They found the wide way and hurried from this terrible place.
“It’s  difficult to run when you are so fed up, and it’s difficult to do the same if you are hungry.”
“And where are you going to run? To followthem, eh? Let them drive their way, and you may have a rest and relax, they will be hereto dinner time.”
“Well, how nice it is to live on an island.” 

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