Rest At Seaside

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A story about a murder that took place at a seaside.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



The sharp ringing of the telephone bell  awakened  Jane. She washaving herfavorite  after  dinner  dream and now it was interrupted. 
Who it may be?Janelazily took up the receiver.
Hello, hello,I am listening.
Jane understood  that it was Jull her bosom friend by  her quick illegible speech.
What has happened a catastrophe, earthquake, a rebellion or a terroristic act?’
Damn your rest,  Jane be ready, I will call on you in half an hour we are starting to the seaside.
Where, what seaside?  I have my afternoon rest, you understand?!
Jane, I have  an invitation for  two people to the villa at seaside, for a fortnight, be ready, weare going today. 
It was useless to argue with  Jull. Jane began to pack her  things  very quickly, as  she  knew  that  Jull would be offended if she didn’t  share  her  company.
Andwhat  about Nick? We havealready arranged  a visit to the theatre tonight, well , he  will understand. I will call him up to quit. He  loves  me greatly.
Hello dear, we ‘re to postpone our going to the theatre, Jull has invited me to have a fortnight rest at the  seaside.Would you not object?
So you don’t  know Jull, my bosom friend, haven’t you seen her?
Dear, you don’t  get  me  acquainted with your friends, I know nothing about her.’
Oh, yes, dear,  you are right, you just imagine  me without  smiling to you and  this is Jull. We look very much alike.
Dear, I want  to remind you of our password, who knows how we may need it.
Don’t trouble, I remember it. Wonderful, it is the secret  for us two. Cheer up, in a  fortnight I will embrace you. Well, the door bell is ringing  Jull has  come, love dear.
You haven’t yet packed your  things, let me help you,-Jull cried from the threshold.
No, I have packed  all I need , not necessary to take many things for a fortnight.
Oh, I’ve got lots of things, I want to shock every man there.
And what about Ray? Won’t he be jealous?
My Ray is not jealous, he is not like Nick. By the way, isn’t Nick against your  journey?
No, a fortnight will pass quickly, I will ring him daily, if I contact him, you know he is always busy.
What about your wedding day, Jane? 
We plan in two or three months. Nick must complete onebusiness action, his money will rise fifteen times and he  must be very attentive  for such  work.
And we decided to marry as soon as I come back. It will be  the last fairy careless trip.
We have  already chosen the country to spend  our  honeymoon. Jull even closed her eyes thinking of the coming pleasure. 
Jull , I think, we must start.
Oh, yes, Jane, excuse me. I was  like in a dream.  Let’s take out  our things.
Jull, it is charming, wonderful, Jull what a villa, what landscape. My, what beauty, you are a  wonder to take me out of  stuffy town.
And who spoke about afternoon rest?
Nothing of the kind , as soon as we have come here. Let’s unpack our things and hurry to the seaside.
The two friends began to make comfort in their rooms, some  time later they went sunbathing.
Dear, is it all right, how are you?
We have got here,  all right, kiss you.
Was it Ray, Jull? He is so attentive.
And what about  Nick?
He’ll be busy till evening. You know. I am hungry.
Well, then, let’s dress up and have supper.
The restaurant wasfull of people, the orchestra was  sounding, the waiters floating.
Jane and Jull chose  a table on the balcony. Jane was never tired to admire the surroundings.
Once  she caught the sight of a young man.
I’ve seen him somewhere, she thought, but  she couldn’t recollect where she had seen him.
May I invite you for a dance?A man bowed to Jull.
Jane , excuse me, one dance and I’ll come back to you.
Jane smiled to Jull sipping her cocktail. Suddenly the telephone  rang. As usually their conversation began with the password. It became automatic during those two years of their  courting.
How are you dear?
I sit in the restaurant enjoying my cocktail.
And Jull?
She is out. She  has already enchanted a young man, they are dancing.
Dear, I am jealous, promise not  to dance or communicate with anybody.
Darling,  don’t be jealous, you know, there is no man to compare with you.
How time flies. It is the second week we are spending here.
Jane , I am  so happy to have come here, our rest is a success, not bad it would be to prolong our being here, but our boyfriends are missing  us.
Yes, they are ringing and ringing, every second hour.
Jane , and who is that young man taking interest with you? And yesterday he sent you flowers. The  fragrance is wonderful.
Jull, you know, I don’t pay attention to anyone and  he will be soon bored.
Well,  don’t be angry, let’s go to the seaside.
Jull, you better go alone. I prefer staying here reading a book.
Well, I see, your afternoon rest, I am going to get  a little sunbathing. I  will be back in the evening.
You are a good swimmer, aren’t you, but what is your style?
Oh, is that you? My style is- I swim as I can.
What are you doing tonight?
The same, as every evening-a walk, supper, going to bed.
Would you permit me to share your evening program?
Supper and walk, nothing more.
Oh, I understand. And  where is your friend?  I don’t see her?
She is a little unwell, she is at home now.
Did she like the flowers?
She admired them.
Why not call on her?
She doesn’t like being interferedespecially with her afternoon rest.
Well, still I will try.
I don’t want  to get into her sight, and you may not know about her rest, so she will forgive you, and I’ll better stay here.
Well, wish me success.
Jull waved him goodbye laughing and dived.
Is everything Ok? –a young man cautiously  opened the door.
Oh, I was sure it was Jull. Where is she?
Jull is swimming in her specific style and I decided you would be pleased to see me.
What swimming?  She can’t swim. She  just get  sunbathed. She is  afraid  of water and  is nervous to see me swimming.
That’s why, her style was  so strange for me.
May I have a cup of coffee?
I’ll make coffee at once. What do you prefer? Sweet, mid-sweet, bitter?
I like everything sweet.
But  it is risky for health I’d  better make mid-sweet.
A cup  of mid-sweet coffee out of your hands is still sweet.
You say nothing about yourself.
I am generally not a sociable woman. But Jull is quite a contrary person, easier to contact than I am. Especially now, I don’t know why but I am nervous.  Jull can’t swim. I know.
Well, then, would you like to go to the seaside to find Jull and be sure she is alright.
And then we shall go to the restaurant, I have booked a table for  three for supper.
I will be ready in a moment, yes, really, it’s better to go there.
I’ll be waiting for you in the yard.
Jane and the young man went to the seaside. The sea was calm, no wind was blowing. Coming closer they saw Jull’s  things, but they couldn’t find her  anywhere. Jane got nervous.  Jane went to look for rescue group, the young man asked everybody about a charming young blond girl swimming in the sea.
Nobody could say anything. The rescue group went to look for Jull.
Jull was found in the sea round the  rock. Reanimation measures were of no success.
The doctor, who was on duty on the beach, explained that  she might have  been dead for  two hours.
Jull was not taken to the ocean quite by chance, as her swimming costume had  hook a branch.
Jane was terrified, looking at her dead friend, she could not believe her eyes. Jane didn’t know what to do in such situations.
Please don’t  leave , will you? –she  addressed the young man. I am so  distressed. What am I to do?
The young man promised to help her. Jane said she would go to town, meet Ray there and explain him everything. She couldn’t stay there,  where such a tragedy had happened.
Would you meet me in the airport, Ray?
I can’t come back by car, I’ll explain you everything when we  meet and  please tell Nick that I am coming, I can’t contact him.
Jane packed quickly and started to the airport. In the airport she  saw Ray and Nick.
It is such a tragedy. I can’t stand it. I  see her alive.
I’ll help you dear,-Nick addressed to Jane. 
Will you give me your things? 
Nick, I’ve missed you so greatly, let’s go home quickly.
Jane , dear, be  calm, this  horrified event has  gone. Let’s go home now and drink for Jull.
Oh, my, it’s so terrific, Ray, I couldn’twonder how to tell you about it.
For a long time I’ll be out  myself.
Nick ,dear, will you soon be back from your office, I’d like to go to a restaurant.
My dear, I’ll be back soon, and we’ll have  guest in the evening, a familiar one.
Who is that,-Ray?
No, you don’t know him, I’ll get you acquainted with him tonight.
Well, dear, don’t be late.
Jane decided to tell Nick something that would interest him and was eagerly waiting for him.
Are you at home, darling? Nick asked  coming through the door.
Yes, dear, I’ve laid the table. Oh, you are not alone, would you sit down?
She saw the man who came with Nick for the first time. She served coffee.
Dear, this is Nick.
What Nick?
Jane’s fiancé. The coffee pot fell out of her hands and black coffee poured on the snow- white tablecloth.
And –who-are-you? 
She  could hardly ask.
I am Nick’sfriend, a detective, you  were courting with me, you were sure I was Nick, that’s because you haven’t  seen Nick.
And now Jull, tell how you havekilled Jane.
I have always been jealous with Jane, her social status, success, her future marriage. I hated her. She didn’t behave like an enemy to me, she loved me as a sister and thismade me crazy. I knew that we were very much alike, simply impossible to differentiate. I wanted to charm Nick, but didn’tmanage to see him. So I decided to take Jane to the seaside.  I wanted to show that Jullhad drowned and  come  back to Nick under Jane’s name.
I was sure to manageeverything,  I can’t understand how youguessed the truth.
You have leftatonce,  you didn’t wait for the results of the anatomic analysis which showed that Jane hadtaken a sleeping pill.
A person going ,  to swim will never take such  a medicine.
One more, Jull,you didn’t know our secret , the password. You thought of it, that’s why you didn’t call up me, you called Ray, but  Jane didn’t know his number.  You asked him to inform me about your arrival, you were sure I’d forget about the password in such  a nervous situation, and this  was your mistake.
The  cold metal clung at  Jull’s  wrists.

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