Sunday Walk

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A short mystical story.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012




Elleninvited twoher bosom friends to spend the weekend together in hercountrycottage. The girls decided to have a rest before examinations.There was a forest next to her cottage. Ellen hadbeen afraid of that forest since her childhoodhowever, she always tookgreat pleasure in wandering there alone.Ellen`s parents could not accompany them as they were too bound up in their work. Both of them were doctors. The girls decided to take Lika`s brother Tim with them because they were a little afraid of that place.So one daythey set out on their two-week journey. It took hours to get there as the road was winding.By the time theyreachedthe cottage finallyit had alreadybeen getting dark.

“It`s good thatTim is here.” -saidLikaand embraced him.

“What are you afraid of Lika? There are no animalsin the forest.”

Dora looked out of the window and saw the illuminatedstreets.

“Ofcourse Lika thereis nothing to be afraid of.”-Said Ellen.

“See, I told you so! I am ready to take a walkeven now.”

“ Ifthey were not so scared I would join you Dora.”-SaidTim.

“I am beginning to feel hungry! Let`s havedinnerinstead.-saidEllen.

“I am hungry too. I was just kidding, I don`t feel like going out either. Hardly anyonewill go out

now”. –Said Dora.

“It`sso nice here!”

“Did you mean to say calm?”

“And calm too.”

“Comeonit’s ready.”

After dinner they were sittingon the sofawatching TV and exchanging pictures.

“You havea lot of relativesEllen!Haven`t you?”

“Yes,here are my relatives on my mother`s sideand these are my relatives on my father`s side. We meet

very seldom. I don`t even recognize some of them.”

The evening passed in a very enjoyable atmosphere. Next morning they were more cheerful and not asscared as the day before.Yesterday`s fears were forgotten.Ellen suggested going to the forest to pick out mushrooms.

“I can cook a very deliciousmushroomsoup”. –Shesaid.

“All right let`s go right now.”

It was a sunny day, a perfectday for a walk.

“Look there are heaps of mushrooms here in this forest. It seems as if nobodyhas been here before. Be careful, don`t squash them.They were all goodmushrooms it was hard to pick out the best one.

“We need more baskets. Ellen do you have more? Do you hear me? Where are you all?

Oh God, I must have lost my way.”

Dora called them but no-one answered. Paying no attention to the mushrooms shebegan moving from one place to another in order to find her friends.

“I am not scared, I am brave enoughand I will not panic.I sawthe lightsburningyesterday, theremustbe someone else.”

Suddenlyshe noticed a small house. There was a light in the window. She knocked at the door but 

No-one answered. It was slightly opened.

“Hello,is anybodyhere?”

“Don`t be shy, come inplease!”-She heard.

“I usuallyhave guestsquiteseldom. But I am alwaysglad to have them.”

Awomanappearedin thegarden.She was so affablethatDoraliked her at once. Inside the housethe rooms were lightand warm.

“I am sorry to intrude, ma’am but, I do need help.My name is Dora.I was in the forest with my friendswhen I suddenlygot lost. Could you show me the wayplease?

“Don`t worry my dear. I will help you. Would you like a cup of tea first?”

Dora didn`t want todrinktea but she was too shy to refuse.

“Could youshow me the way after tea please?”

“Of course Dora.”

It was a typicalvillagehouse. It was so clean and the tea was sodeliciousand aromatic.

“Your house is very cosy.”

“Thank you Dora, that`s becauseI put my whole soul intoit.”

She talkeda lot abouther houseandherself. Dora was reluctantto stop herand ask about the way.

“Don`tyou want to have a rest?”

“No, thanks. I wouldrathergo and find my friends.”-She wanted to say but instead ofthis she said:

“I am really so tired. Thank you.”

The lady led the wayto the bedroom.

“When you wake up I willwalk you home.”

Dora didn`twant to sleep at all.But she didn`tmanage to refuse again. She had the feeling that theladyhad hypnotizedher. However a rest was really necessary for her. Dora didn`t remember the way. She came up to thewindow and looked outside.No street lampscould be seen anymore.Therewas no sound of traffic. Fear struck throughher like a chill wave.Suddenly she heard somebody talkingin thegarden.

“How time flies!I am already a grandmother. And what aboutyou?”

“My grandchildren live far from here.They promisedme to come soon.I am looking forward to seeing them again.”

“Children don`t run too faraheadI can`tkeep up withyou.”

Dora wanted to call out to them for help. As she wasn`t able to see them she rushed to another window but what she saw there frightened her away.A town emerged in front of her eyes.She recognized her hometown but it seemed to be different than it was before.It sailed by like a ship. She recognized the streets and the parks.Of course it was her hometownbut it seemed as if it had changed a little. She heard a distractingnoise andlooked out of the window again.People gatheredarounda man who was hit by a car.She wanted to open thedoor andleave butas soon as sheopened itthe towndisappeared.She suddenly found herself in a room.In the centre of the room she noticed a weeping woman.The woman was weeping so bitterly. She was full of sorrow. Suddenly Dora heard:

“How could it happen?”

“Well, they were doctors. They are always surrounded by all kinds of viruses and microbes. They must have caught a very dangerous disease.”

“Poor girl she is so alone now.”

“No she is married.”

She had hardly entered the room when everything disappeared again. She found herself in the small room lying on the sofa. 

“Are you all right Dora?”

“Yes,I`m fine. Please show me the way.”

“Of course, come on.”

She felt happyinside herself.Happy because she hoped to see her friendsagain and to get away from that mysterious house at last.

“Do you see that way.It leads to a small hill. Go round it and keep going.”

She squeezed Dora`s hand and left. Dora was keen on telling her friends about her strange adventure.She kept to the way untilshe reached a small cabin.She entered it in order to have a rest.The cabin was verydusty and full of cobwebs.But Dora was too tired to pay attention to that.She approached a sofa and allowed herself a short nap on it. She woke up next morning and decided to keep on going. She went out of the room but stopped suddenly.

“I have already been here!I am again and again here.”

Her eyes filled with tears.

“Why aren`t they looking for me?How shall I escapefrom here?”

In time she came to realize that there was no escape from that odd place.

“I should be patient.They will find me, of course they`ll find me!”

She would say that every day, every month, and every year. But, she had been still living there. Dora put everything in order in her little dwelling.She didn`t even knowhow long she had been living there. Once walking in the forest she found a piece of broken glass. When she came home she washed the glass and told herself;

“Well it would be interesting to know how I look like now!”

When she looked in the glass she gave a sudden gasp of surprise. She saw the woman who many years ago sheltered her.

“It was me! How couldn`t I recognize myself!It was me!The woman who sheltered me was me!It`s my house, my room, my sofa.I saw my hometown in future.The man who was hit by the car was Tim, the weeping woman whose parents died wasEllen, two women in the garden were Lika and Ellen.

Oh God!”- She said and burst into tears…

Ellen suggested going to the forest to pick out mushrooms. 

“I can cook a very delicious mushroom soup.”

“But we do have enough food. Why should webusy ourselves with cooking? I don`t want to go,

I would rather stay in.-Said Dora settling down in the rocking chair.

“If so we won`tgo anywhere either.Move Dora, you have taken too much space.”

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