The Agency "Psychologist''

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about the game with the human psychology.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




“Darling can  you please open the door?”
“ All right, love.”
Michael opened the door. 
 “Hello. I hope I am not interrupting  you . My name is Roger. I am a representative of a  firm that runs a lottery.  The  name of our firm is “Psychology  and Luck”. In order to  participate  you will have to answer just  a few questions.  If you win the lottery it will completely change your life".

“It’sfascinating!  Would you like to come in  and  elaborate on this lottery?”
“Thank you. Here is our questionnaire.  You will have to answer some questions.  If you give correct answers,you will win our prizes.  By the way, our agency offersvery good ones. The  prizes include a car, a flat,a yacht,  a villa, and  a special one: ashare in  a prospering commercial  enterprise, which, if you win, may secure your  and your offspring’s financial future.”
 “All right. Can I have a look at your questionnaire? What if I lose?”
“You will have a consolation prize anyway. We have incentives for all; it includes a two-week cruise, mobile phones, and other less expensive goods.
Here are these questions that you have to answer.  You can answer to them right now if you wish  or  later. As soon as you answer them please let me know and I will come to take the questionnaire”
“I will answer right now  if you agree to wait . Otherwise I could bring this questionnaire back to you,” said  Michael.
“We never disturb our customers.  We bring and take  questionnaires  ourselves.”
Michael began to answer the questionnaire. 
“Your questions are so easy.”
“They only seem so . You  don’t have to hurry. Take  your time please  and consider each question  attentively. “
The man was telling him something ,  but Michael wasn’t listening to him.  He was answering the questions.
“Darling,  do you hear me?”, asked Sarah.
The man introduced himself to Sarah, Michael’s wife. He explained everything once again for her too.
“What a funny question! Look Sarah. How many  times do you wash your hands per  day?” 
“Write  ten or twentytimes,  my love.” 
“No, I should give the correct answers  what if we really win a super prize?!”

The questionnaire had thirty questions and it took about  two hours to answer them.
“ I  have finished. I hope I have  given  the  correct answers.”
“I will call on you in a few days to inform you about the results .”
“We are looking forward to hearing the results.”
A few days later the agent  came to their place.
“Congratulations ! You have won a car  and a  house. What about a super  prize? Would you like to try?
The super  prize is a share  in a commercial enterprise .”

“Of course , we do.  Do you hear  that? We  have won! “
“You will have to answer only three questions in case of correct answers your prizes will include  a share  too.”

Michael took the questionnaire and  began considering the answers.
“So you would have  to read the questions carefully and please try not to make a mistake your future depends on your answers.
All right I won’t bother you.”

“I have finished. Take it please. I think we will have to sell this flat,  don’t you  think so, darling?
 We already have a house.”
“Of course  we don’t need these poky little rooms anymore.”
“I will call on you in two days with the result.  Goodbye.”
 “Honey,  that’s unbelievable!”
 “In two  days we will be rich,  just wait a little, said Michael.”
Next day being in an elevated mood he went to work.
Michael  decided to share the good news with his friend Tom .
“Good for you, Michael. An agent came to me too, but I only won  mobile phones
they are  incentive prizes. And  you won!  Congratulations.”
“I have never heard of that agency , have you  Tom?”
“No, I haven’t heard anything about them either. There are loads of  firms and organizations that run  lotteries. The main thing is to win a prize. As for where they are located,  or who they are,  that’s not important, Michael.  Could you ask him if I can  take part in their lottery again? I don’t mind risking it.”

“Sure I will ask  him about it.”
After two days the agent came to their place just as he promised to do.
“Congratulations! You  have won again and now you are the owner of a share.
You are our winner.”
Sarah and Michael couldn’t  believe their ears and eyes too. They were so happy that they  even began to kiss the agent.
“Is it possible to take part in your lottery once again?”
“But you are the winner, you don’t have to do that.”
“A friend of mine isn’t pleased  with the  incentive  prizes and he was wondering if he can try again. He wants to win some  more  prizes.”
“Yes, of course it is possible. Could you please remind me what  his address is  and I will call on him.”
“Our win has inspired him and he wants to win so much.”
“Well, he must not have become aware of his prize yet.” 
“You mean the mobile?  It’s just  child’s play.”
“No,  I didn’t mean the mobile. Well, I congratulate you once  again. When are you going to move to your new house?”

“I am taking a holiday tomorrow  to move into our new flat.
I  will come to work in a month. Maybe I will give up my job after all. I haven’t  forgotten  about you. I gave him your address and he will call on you. I think you will win this time. I am even sure about it.”
“I believe you, Michael.”
Sarah and Michael were busy moving to their  new house. They posted  a notice  and in a few days  a buyer for their  flat came to their place. He liked their flat and bought it.
They have  been enjoying theirnew house for a week. They  liked everything in it.
“I am thinking about a long trip, don’t you agree, darling?”
“I am all for it. We can afford anything  we want now.  I wonder how Tom is. It has  been a long time since  I last talked to him on the phone.”
Michael  and Sarah were drinking  coffee. Michael  went up to the window. 
“Just look at this  view. These mountains are so beautiful  they seem tobeckon usto them .”
“Yes, they are so lovely.”
“Hello,ah, it’s you!  How are you, Tom?  Congratulations a house and a yacht  that’s great!  Want to succeed ?Don’t want to risk? I see . That’s enough,  I guess.

Where?  In the Western district?  We will be neighbors  then. When  are you going  to move?”
“I have to  sell my flat, Michael. The sooner the better, you know.  Now I can think  of getting married.
I will be glad to see you with Sarah in my new apartment as soon as I move  there.”
“Thanks  we will come . Sarah is sending her greetings to you.  You come too.  I am sure you enjoy the view of the mountains outside  our windows. It’s really relaxing.”
Tom  was very busy with a lot of things to do. He sold his flat,  went to his new house. Having  had all his affairs done  he decided to call  Michael and Sarah to invite them  to his place, but he wasn’t able to contact them.Both  Sarah’s  and Michael’s mobiles couldn’t  be reached. “They might be on their trip,”  he thought.
The view outside the sitting room  was really  amazing.  “I should  go to these mountains one day, he thought”.
Once again Tomtried to contact them,  butyet again, they couldn’t be reached .

There was a knock at the door of  the  young couple’s  house.
“Maybe a guest?  Will you open the door, love?”
“Hello, I hope I am not interrupting  you . My name is Roger.  I am a representative of  a firm thatruns a  lottery. The  name of our firm is “Psychology  and Luck”.  If you wish to take part in it  you will have to answer just  a  few questions.You may  winone of our prizes which include two cars,two flats,  a yacht, a  house, and the  grand  prize, of  a  share in  a prospering  commercial  enterprise.  We have incentive prizes for those who lose. They are mobile phones.”
“We want to take part in it, don’t we darling?”
“Yes, of course where are those questions?”
“Here they are, but you should think carefully.”
They took  the  questionnaire , and began to read the questions carefully,  trying  not to give a wrong answer. They weren’t listening to the representative at all.
“You should think before you startanswering these questions. You maygive the wrong answers,but you receiveincentive prizes. If you win you get everything,  except your  lives.
So will you take part in it or not?”
“Oh, yes, we will,”  answeredthe couple automatically.

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