The Fault (The Crack)

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A short story about a strange disappearance.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012




John was driving to a police station in a  hurry.  He  was bound and determined to talk to a detective  until the end of day.  As hewas coming there from  a remote district  he was in a great hurry. He finally reached  a police station.

‘I  need to  talk to a detective. It’s urgent and very important.’
They pointed him to a detective’s  office.
‘May I come in? My wife has gone missing’.
John started to give it to the detective straight  standing on the threshold.
‘Hello,  sir.  Calm  down  and take a seat please.  Tell  me  everything,  but step by step.’
The  detective was remaining absolutely  calm, and it pacified the man.
‘Yes, yes, of course.  Hello, I am sorry I am just  worried about my wife. She went missing. She is sick,  to be more exact she ismentally sick. God knows what she might be up to.
We  were  together in our cottage  yesterday. She  went for a stroll in  the forest  and never came  back.  I am afraid that  something bad may happen.
Do you have  any  information about a missing  or even a woman who has beenkilled?’
He was breathlesslyspeaking .
‘Why do you think  your wife is dead? Perhaps she  just got lost in the forest. You had better calm down  and tell me everything  that had happened  from the very beginning and in details.
I think you feel better now.  Tell me  everything I am all ears.’
John repeated everything  what he had said earlier. He was  anxious  andafraid. He wasn’t able to understand  where his wifedisappeared  to. He insisted  on  immediate search for his missing wife.

John was madly in love. She was a university student. He  met her and her name was Patricia. He was sure  that the relationship between them  was bound to turn into a  grand love affair, but in vain. She remained  indifferent  toward his feelings. She gave him to understand  that  nothing  could have been  more important  to  her  than education  at that moment,  as for marriage she thought thatit was too  early to consider it.  She wanted him to leave her alone as  she didn’t love him . And  the fact that she didn’t  love him was most important to her. For John it was very unexpected. He was a  young, handsome  and wealthy man. The  women  loved him,he knew that  for sure and suddenly a young thing  rejected him.  He was furious and  was not going to give up. As he  really fell for Patricia. He  decided to change his approach. He  kept  courting her but not  persistently. And shortly after  her attitude to him seemed  to have changed. It made him more  determined.  Some time  later  he proposed to her. She rejected his  proposaljustifying the fact that she didn’t love him.  But even this didn’t stop him.Johnwanted to gain his end goal.
Patricia  gave up eventually. They got married, but she still didn’t love him and he knew that.  They invited some of their  friends to the weeding. John was so happy  as  he achieved his goal;  Patricia was  his wife at last.

She proved to have  excellent  housekeeping skills. She was  a careful  and  a kind wife.  She would always fret  if her husbandworked very late.  They would  often call on their friends and invite them to their place  with pleasure.  They were thought to be a loving  couple. Despite the fact that she  didn’t love him  he still loved Patricia.
And then,  one day everything changed.  His love turned into hatred.  Patricia  refused  to divorce him.
‘You knew that I didn’t love you and that I would never love you, but you stood on your  ground. Now be good enough to take care of me.’
The hatred  that grew fast made him  get rid of his wife.
‘Would you like to have a rest at our country house, darling?’
‘I don’t mind, John. When  should we leave?’
Over one year period of  their living together she never spoke tenderlyto him.
He killed  her  in the evening as soon  as they came there.  They went for a stroll in the forest  where he strangled her.  To his great surprise it came  quickly and  easily to him.
‘Oh, God  I am free now!’
She was lying on the grass. He  bent his head down  to make sure that she was dead  thencontentedly  grinned and  went home.
‘This occasion  is worth  celebrating.’
He  drank a fewglassesof alcohol oneafter another andfell asleep.
When  he woke  up in the morning  and was more or less  able to think reasonably  he  suddenly got thunderstruck.
‘What a fool, an idiot  I am! I left  her lying  right on the ground.People  might see her there.What a blockhead  I am!’
He rushed outside to the very  same placewhere he  strangled her.  He found  it at once,  but  Patricia was nowhere.
‘Oh, my! Where is she?  Patricia? Patricia? Where are you?’ he  even started to call her.
‘I have gone  completely mad!I am calling her while she is dead.’
He  was  searching for her  for quite a long time, but still  was not able to find her.He found her earring far enough from the crime scene.
‘How did it come to be here?’
But he had no time to think about it. He had to find his wife’s body  until someone else  found her.
‘What if I  didn’t strangle her? And she  recovered  and is  now at a police station  testifying against me.  I must leave immediately.  I should pretend  to be  panic-stricken because of my wife’s disappearance  and convince them  that Patricia  is mentally unbalanced  and  capable  of anything.
Those fools will believe me I am sure I just  need to  come there  as soon as possible.’

He ran towards their house and  jumped into his car and  then rushed to  city police station  at full speed.

However, she was still missing as time went on. The police as well as John were lost in conjecture as to where she  could disappear. The detective stuck  to his guns.
‘She  just left you.  Probably because she didn’t love you.’
John wanted to say that she couldn’t as she had already  been dead, but he checked himself.
The police of course didn’t suspect him and shortly after  stoppedlooking for her.
John  could rest  easy at last.  He was  free from his wife and he knew thathe wouldn’t be imprisoned for his doings.
Life was beautiful!
For some unknown reason he was inclined  all the time to come to her murder place again.  He himself  didn’t know why.  Nevertheless, he decided to go there  once,  to salve  his conscience.
When he arrived  there  he didn’t even  go into the house,  but  directly  made his way to the  forest.
Nothing had changed there. Everything was as usualjust the way it had been before. He took a cigarette and squatted to smoke. Having smoked the cigarette  he  probably stood upsharply.  He felt dizzy due to losing his balance and  fell and landed heavily.After he turnedover several timeshe finally  fell into something.  He was falling for quite a long time. When  he stopped falling  it seemedto him that he was hanging there as  his feet couldn’t touch the ground. He took his  lighter. It was  good  that it didn’t  fall out  of his pocket. As soon as he  struck his lighter  he  let out  a wild yell.  Patricia hung  right in front of him.  She was looking at him with her eyes  wide open. John  tried to understand what had  happened.
‘Oh, God! She must have been  still alive when I left her here in the forest.  Poor her, she  might have tried to  get up, when she suddenlyrolled down. That’s why  she couldn’t  have been found. That’s just horrible.’
John struck  his lighter again and again  as he needed to get out of there. He looked down  and  got not  just scared but terrified by what he saw there.  No words could describe his state of mind. They both hang there,  squeezed  in the crack above the abyss. John was surprised that he was so calm while  a terrible and long death  was  right there awaiting  for him.
‘I wonder  how quickly she died’John thought.  That was  all he could do while  waiting for his own  end.
‘We have always  been here  in this crack, Patricia, haven’t we?’

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