The Old Mirror

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short mystical story.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




“It’sa very  rare mirror from the 18th century. This mirror is made of silver. It’s marvelous, isn’t it? I will tell you it in secret  Sir,  thatmirrors like this one  hold  the mystery  within.” The seller did his best to interest Edward. 
“It doesn’t even cost too much,”  he continued.
“All right,  I will take  it but what if my wife doesn’t like it?”
“It’s impossible, Sir.”
The mirror was really beautiful and heavy  too. Edward had never seen such an old mirror before. There was no doubt anymore that she would like it.
“Darling, I have got a present for you.”
“Oh,  Edward the mirror again!”
“This one is special, honey. You like  antiques don’t you?”
Lora really did.
“Where would you like to put it?’’
“Anywhere you like,  but not in the sleeping  room.”
“Not in the sleeping room?”
“They say that mirrors should not  be placed there.”
“I didn’t know  that you were superstitious. All right, as you wish let’s put it in the  cabinet.”
The mirror  suited the room although it was old.
“You are looking in that  mirror all the time darling!”
“But, Edward  that is why you bought it.”
“Yes, you are right.”
Edwardcame up to the  mirror.
How strange! He couldn’t see himself.
“I can’t see myself in the mirror, darling.”
He wanted to dress up, but  there was  no reflection of him  in the mirror. As Edward  turned  back he noticed a young  woman  who was smiling and calling him. 
She was pretty and her clothes seemed to be  ancient-looking. Edward was so terrified  that he even shouted for Lora to come. His voice scared her.  Edward pointed to the mirror  as she came .
“What’s wrong?”
“Don’t you see her,Lora?”
“I see your frightened face and mine, nothing else.”

“Don’t you see her?”
“See who?  Who can be there?”
“Don’t you see the woman?”
“Don’t talk crap, there is nobody  in the mirror, Edward.”
“But the woman!  I see her, she is there a young woman she is smiling and calling me.’’
“Then why don’t you follow her?”  She  said ironically.
“How can I … it’s a mirror. Are you mad, Lora?”
“Mad?! Me? But my  dear  I don’t  say that there is a handsome  young man in the mirror who is calling me.”
He approached Lora carefully. 
“Do you  really  see yourself in the mirror, honey?”
“Don’t  be absurd.”  Lora  left the room  laughing.
Edward looked in the mirror again. The woman was still there and he fainted.
“Edward are you alright? What happened  darling?”
“She is still here Lora!”
“Is it serious doctor?  He never drinks and he  has never  had hallucinations before.”
“Well, this calming medication will  help him, don’t worry ma’am. In case of anything unusual  feel free to call me anytime.”
“But what if he goes mad?’’
“I don’t think so. Let’s hope for the best.”
Unfortunately the doctor didn’t manage to calm her down.  His condition worried her.
“let’s just get rid of  it at all.”
“But, Lora I want to understand  what is going on. You know, the doctor really  helped me. I am not scared anymore and this mirror  even excites me.”
However  the woman  would appear  again and again. She wanted to tell him something important that he was not able to understand. Lora began to believe in her existence  eventually,  although she wasn’t able to see her.  This mystery wasa  puzzle  to  both of them.
Lora  would spend more and more time in front of this mirror smarting  herself up.  She wanted to see that woman she was trying hard to, but all that she  could see was her own reflection and the room behind.
As for Edward, he would see her walking up and down again  and again and smiling.  She never tried to enter their own  sleeping room.

“It’s an old silver  mirror from the eighteenth  century. The price is just symbolical.”
Having  sold the mirror  Edward sighed with  relief at last.
“Why not buy something for Lora?”  He asked himself.
But the memory of the mirror made him change his mind.
Edward tapped at the door.  Lora opened the door and Edward noticed that she was looking aside and not directly at him. 
“Edward why didn’t you tell me that we would have a guest today?”
“What guest, Lora there is nobody with me.”

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