The Story Of A Witness (The Witness)

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A story about a cold calculation.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



Nick and Sarah were going to celebrate their  wedding anniversary.  They were madly in love with each other. They spent  a wonderful time during their first  year of marriage.
‘Nick I would  like to have a completely different holiday this time’.
‘Of course, honey. Where do you want to go? To the sea, lake,  or maybe mountains?’
‘I want  us to be alone there. Only you and I and nobody else. The whole day and nights together and alone.’

‘I will find  us  a place  like that I promise.’
After a  few daysNick  came home delighted  that he had some good news for his wife.
‘I found  you what you  wanted so much.’
‘Really?  What exactly?’
‘A small  forest cabin near a lake. It’s not too far from the city. We can set offtoday if you are ready to go.’
‘I have already packed.  I love you,  honey.’
In a few hours later  they had already been there.
‘It’s  so beautiful here. That’s  exactly what I  wanted for our holiday.It seems like we are  on a desert island.’
‘I don’t think  we will  be able  to stay here long.Even  the electricity supply  is cut  off. It feels like we are alienated from society.’
‘Let’s stay here as long as we can.  Forget about  the society, Nick. Look what a  wonderful place it is.’
Nick and Sarah  enjoyed their  rest, the silence and each other.  Nick would go fishing every day. There was a small river and Nick would indulge his wife with various  fish dishes.
‘Are you sleeping? I will go fishing and then  cookroast fish if you want.’
‘Maybe we  could give it a rest and eat something else.  I would love  a roast  duck.’
‘All  right, honey as you wish.  Are you going  to take a nap?’
‘Yes, I am. Don’t stay out too long alright?’

Nick decided to go  to the lake. He had  seen  flocks of  ducks  there. Though, it  looked  likea marsh ratherthan a lake.
‘Good bye,  kiss you, honey.’
‘Kiss you too.’
‘Sarah wanted  to stay in bed for a  while and then to get up, but she fell asleep. 
She woke up suddenly.
‘Nick are you home?  Where are you, honey?
Where are you, Nick?'

She began to look for him, but she wasn’t able to find him anywhere.

‘The lake! He said he was going to the lake. I must go there right now.’

She didn’t  know exactly where the lake was located. However, she ran there as she wanted to find Nick.

Nick wasn’t  there. She  onlyfound his rifle and his bag. She  called him, tried to find him,  dashed around.  Sarah  couldn’t understand  where  he had  gone.  She  ran to the river but he wasn’t there either.  Sarah came back to the cabin and called Nick. His  phone rang  at once.

‘Why  didn’t you take it  with you?’

She was  worried and  would sit  down and stand up again and again.
‘Maybe I should  call the police? They will find  them immeadiately.’

She  could not  call the police as both  mobile phones  had already been discharged.

She remembered  that  Nick would charge up his phone in their  car  and ran towards the car. She stooped as soon as  she approached  the car.

'Why did I get so scared?Nick must be looking for somebrushwood for a fire  in a forest. He always  builds a fire.’

She came back to the cabin. She started to clean their place and  it helped her to calm down a little.

Having finished  cleaning the cabin she  made a cup of coffee and took a cigarette.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps in the  garden.

She  rushed to the window.

‘Oh, my God!  Who’s that?’

There was a stranger  in the garden. He was walking very slowly trying  not to make  a noise.  He was wearing a long coat with a  hood. The man was  approaching the cabin. Sarah was  shocked. She didn’t know  who that man was.Fear  rooted her to the ground. She was standing  with her eyes wide open  watching the man carefully,

‘Who  is  he? What does  he want?What is he doing here?’

He was coming closer  little by little.  He started to peer into the window  behind which Sarah was  hiding. Trying not to lose  sight of the man  she went  into the room.

She leaned against the table and  started to look for something. She  grabbed  a  big kitchen knife and with a  knife in her hand she felt  much safer. At this very moment her mobile rang. She rushed to her phone and  froze in terror. It was Nick  on the phone.

‘What’s going on? I am scared.’

The mobile phone was  ringing. Sarah  was not able to find  the right button. Then she finally found  it.

‘Hello? ‘  Sarah  couldn’t recognize her  voice.  No one answered and  soon  she  heard  the  phone  switch  off.
The telephone call made Sarah forget about the man in the garden. She approached the  window carefullyand  looked out  of the window. There was no one in the garden anymore.  Her  heart was beating wildly.  She decided to  get out  of this creepy place if it’s the last thing she did.

‘I have never told you anything about it, Victoria. But I think it’s time to do so.

Anything  including a house, money,  and a car  will be at our disposal soon.We won’t be living in this hole anymore. We’ll  move to the city. We just have  to waita little.’

‘How is it possible?  Do you think you will find  treasure, Jack? That is  just more of your drunken  nonsense.  I don’t believe a word you say.’

‘I say we’ll be rich. We are already rich.’

‘OK, give me what you have or  we’ll have to  rummage through the trash again.’

Jack decided not to conceal a  thing and told her everything.

‘ You are full of ****, Jack.  You had better go  the rubbish dump. I  heard there was a car today. Maybe you will find something for us  there.’

‘No, I have  some plans  for today. I should do something I told you about.’

‘No, Jack.  I won’t let you go. It’s just a  crap andsomethingthat you made upand  believe is true.’

Jack pushed  his wife  and ran outside.


‘There is a  beggar,  detective. She wants to talk to you.’

‘What does she want?’

‘I don’t know. She says she needs to talk to you only.’

‘Ok,let her in.’

‘Hello, I am  a detective. Whatwould  you like  to tell me about?’ 

‘Well, I am not sure. Maybe it’s  just my husband’scrap. He’s a hard drinker.
However,  l decided to come  here and tell you what I know.’

‘Tell me,  but quickly, please I am short on time.’

The detective was listening to the woman,  however,thinking
  his own thoughts  about his family  problemsand  problems at 
work. His wife is pregnant  with a fifth  child,  and now there is
a  beggar  with her own problems.  Suddenly the expression on 
his face  changed.  The  woman  mentioned  the name of one of the

  wealthiest  families in their city.

‘She can’t have anything in common with this  family’  thought the detective.

‘Just a minute, please. Tell me everything in  order of succession
from the very beginning.’

The detective was listening to her attentively  this time.

‘Isn’t that all nonsense?  I think it’s my drinker’s imagination.’

‘Who knows? Where is your husband now?  I need to talk to him immediately.’

The detectivecalled  his assistant  and gave him someinstructions.
In a few hours later Jack was  sitting in the detective’s office.

‘You know what our life is like. We are happywith what we find  at the
rubbish dump.

Once  I was sitting there thinking  of finding  something  to eat.  That place is 
not  just for  trash. Many people bring  things that they don’t need  anymore. 
  So I rummage in and find things likea screw or  a  nail. Then  I  usually
sell  it  and hey presto money for food.That dayI was  rummaging  in when
I suddenlyspotted a car. I have never seen a car like this before.
Some people really live  while others like us try to survive. They  drove pastme  and turned deep forwards.
 Well, a young  couple was going there  as a matter of course.  However, 
I decided to follow them.But  my guess was wrong. They found a cabin

and decided to stay and live there asbarbarians, almost  like me and 
Victoria. They must have been boredwith the civilization.  So I started
to watch them.I wondered how other people live especially  the rich. 
I was sure they were rich.Their car alone cost a  fortune. 
So I was watching them all the time  I thought maybe I would benefit from 
  them.  The man would go fishing  while his wife  would stay  at home. 
Just like  cave people.

One  dayI saw him leaving their  cabin. He wasn’t  going to fish as he went 
far  from  the lake.  I didn’t know whether I should  havefollowed him
or come home.I wasjust about  to come back whenI suddenlyheard  footsteps.
  Someone was coming and I hid myself.I saw his wife running  and decided 
to  run after her.  Oh, God!I couldn’t believe  my  eyes  what I saw there. 
I was coming back  quietly. I  calmed down a little and came to myself. 
My plan has matured.  I decided to come to the woman’s place. I  put on  a coat
that I found at the rubbish dump and left.  I was sure she was at home.  I noticed 
a mobile phone in the garden  and decided to call them as  it  definitely was their
mobile phone. There  were only two  telephone numbers in the contacts list. 
I  dialed one of them,  but it couldn’t have been reached.  Then I dialed the second 
It was her phone number.  Oh, she  got so scared. I don’t know why.  But then I got
scared  too when I saw a huge  knife in her hands. I left quickly. That’s all. I just
wanted to help my family. I went to her place today  to say that I know everything and
to  say
that I will remain silent in exchange of money.  She was not there. I was
looking for her
when your people arrested me. I  am not guilty. Have you found her?’

‘She’s not here, but we know where she may be. We will find her for sure.’

Sarahtried to change  her  clothes  as quickly as possible . She found 
her phone and Nick’s phone as well, got in  the car and drove away. She was 
sure everything would be alright then. She  needed some time to calm down  as
she had been under  such a heavy strain.Her husband, well  no not her husband, 
but she is so wealthy and free now.  Sarah didn’t know yet that there was a  witness 
who told the police everything.  The witness  who saw  her  pushing her husband into
the marsh  and looking  at him calmlysending  him a kiss while he was drowning.
She didn’t know yet that the police had alreadygot on the tracks of hers. Thus,
she  was still pretty happy.

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