The Teatime

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A short story about two women.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012




 Clarecouldn’tget used to the fact  thatNick, her husband  died. She remembered everything that happened onthatday in details. She was waiting for her husband to come back from his business trip.
She was waiting for himto have lunch together. Everything was ready.
Suddenly she heardthe sound of the approaching car.
“This is Nick,” she thought and ran downstairscheerfully.
It really was Nick. He ran out of thecar towards her and they embraced.
“I was missing you so much. Let’scome in.”
“I  was missing you too my love.  What a wonderful thing it is to be at home. I will just take the
car to the garage, don’t go.”
“Taste your favorite cookies, darlingI havebaked them  specially for you.”
“Thank you,Ilove your cookies so much. Hmm  it’sso delicious.”
Nick got into the car to take it to the garage. But  suddenly  it went out  of control and hit the tree.

Clarawas standing as if rooted to the ground. She couldn’t say a word nor could she realize what had 
just happened. It was such a sudden blow. She was  waiting for him, thinking about him and now he is dead.

A few months later after the tragedy  Clare decided to  invite her friends to  the party. She decided to invite her close friends only as it was her husband’s  birthday, and she wanted to talk about her husband  on that day.
The evening passed exactly in the way  she wanted it to pass. Everyone was talking about Nick all night. 
She felt a sort  of emptiness when the guests left,although it wasn’t the first time she had such a feeling. Even when her husband was alive she would  feel alone.
She was surprised to hear  the door bell ring as she wasn’t expecting guests.
“Who can it be?”  She  thought.
“Lucy! I am so glad to see you. Why didn’t you call me?  I would meet  you.”
“I  wanted  my visit to be a surprise.”
“I am so glad to see you especially today as it is Nick’s birthday and I have hadguests.”
“Clare, I didn’t know anything about Nick. What happened?”
Clare wasn’t surprised when Lucy asked her about the car accident. Lucy lived in another city
and they would call each other  pretty seldom.  Only once or twice a year they would call on each other.

Like this time she decided  to pay a short visit  to her friends Clare and Nick.
“How did it happen?”
“I am just lost in conjectures. Perhaps he was tired or perhaps he took some medications  before  the long way home or maybe  even while he was driving.”
“But what could he  take before he  got into his car or even while he wasdriving?”
“I don’t know,  that’s why I say that I  am  lost in conjectures.
All right,  Lucy take a bath now. I am so tired today. It’s too late and it’s time to go to bed. We will talk a  lottomorrow.”

 “Coffee or tea, Lucy?”
“I love  coffee so much, but still prefer tea, yes I would like a cup of tea.”
“You know, Lucy  we won’t drink tea alone, there will be somebody else.”
“Really? Who is it?”
“It’s Nick.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I have just brought his picture here. Did you think I am mad?”
“No, but I felt a little scared.”
They both began laughing. She put his picture on the table and evenlit a cigarette for him .
“You know Lucy despite his little sins I still miss him very much.”
“What little sins are you talking about?”
“He had  a mistress I knew thatnot to mention  his child.”
“Who she is? Do you know her?”
“Well, I havesuspicions. We are talking about me all the time, tell me now howare you and how is your family?”
“Well, we divorced.Now I live alone with my son.”
“Well, at least you are not alone, you have a son and  I am absolutely alone, we don’t  have children.”
“Have you ever seen his son’s pictures?”
“Of course I haven’t.  I don’t think he wouldever show me his pictures. Why do you think it’s a boy? I don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl. I just know that he has a child.”
“I don’t know,  I just asked.”

“That’s  rather strange. Anyway you are not alone, a part of your  husband  is with you.”
“Not his part actually that’s why we parted.’’
“Whose part  is your son then?”
“Well, you don’t know him anyway.”
“Yes, you are right. I don’t think I may know him.”
“Do you want another cup of tea, Lucy?”
“Yes, thanks  your tea  is so aromatic.”
They were talking about Nick for a long timesharing reminiscencesabout him with the warmth in their voices. No one would ever think that one of them was his murderer, but who?”

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