The White Mask

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A story about friends with an unexpected ending.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012




“What`swrong darling,are  you  alright?Tell me Sarah please!”

Michael`s  wife  was lying on the floor in their bedroom.

Michael  rushed to her and tried to help  her to  recover.“Come on, Sarah!” He

put her carefully  on the  bed.He took  a water jug from the

table and splashed cold water on her  face.

He embracedandkissed  her a  lot.

“God, whathappened?”

Gradually, she  began  to come round.

“Michael, I  saw somebody over  there!”

  "Where?Who  could  be there  Sarah?”

“I saw a face, more precisely,  a mask. It  was  so 

horrible  that  white mask.  I got so scared!”

“Where did you see it,  here in the house?”

“No, I came up to the window to pull  the  curtains when

I saw  it in the garden.  It was looking  directly at  me  through  the

window. I fell  unconscious immediately.’’ 

“Calm  down. I will  check on  the house  honey.  You must

have  read  something  terrifying  today!  Haven`t  you?”

“No, Michael I  heard the  sound of quiet footstepsa few 

days ago. This  was not  the first time  that  I  heard  them. 

At  first  I thought  it was our  maid. I forgot to tell you  about

it. But, I did see  the maskover  there believe me,

please.  I  am  so  scared  darling!”

 "I am  here  with you.  I willcheck  it

right now, don`t  worry please.”

He went out but, there was nobody in the garden. Michael  worried about  his  wife.

“What  might  cause such fears?”- He  asked  himself.

“Everythingis OK,  there is  nobody outside.”

“ I will pour a cup of tea  for you. It will  help you  to  relax

and  calm  down.”

“ Don`t leave me  please. I don`t  want tea.”

“It will help  you to  feel better.. Calm down,  please.”

He was in the kitchen, pouring out tea as their  maid  had

already  left. 

Suddenly he heard Sarah screaming out in terror  again.

“Michael it is here!”

“He rushed to her.

She was pointing to the window.

“It was looking  at me again!”

Michael  opened the  window wide.  But there was  nobody

in the garden  again. She  tried  hard to drink  tea. Sarah  took

a sleeping  pill  and fell asleep  eventually. Michael was sure that

Sarah  needed a  doctor`s  consultation.

“Is it serious, doctor?”

“No, it is not  serious.  However, her fears show that she has

a high level  of anxiety. A rest  in pleasant  surroundings with

your  friends and some  calming  medication is a highly 

effective  treatment. I am sure your wife recovers soon.”

“Thank you doctor. I will act on your advice.”

The rest  and the medication soon took effect  and she felt 

quite  better. 

Michael decided to invite his close friends  Nick and his wife

Emmy  to go on vacation  with them.  Sarah  and Emmy  were

good  friends. They enjoyed spending  time  together  talking

about their  husbands. 

“Sarah  I am so glad, you invited us. I am sure we will have

a good  time.”

“Anytime. Delighted to have you. I hope it will help me to

recover. Do you remember  I told you about that?”

“Yes, I do.”

“ We are calling on you tomorrow, so be  ready please!.”

“All  right,  Sarah.”

“We havea  nice holiday cottage  in the woods. There is a

river  not far from our cottage. So,  we can enjoy  swimming

and sunbathing  a lot.  You don`t  even  need  to take your

belongings  with you.  Anything that we may need is there.”

Next day they went on vacation free  from cares, but Michael wasn't able to go with them. Having made coffee for her husband and seen him to the door Sarah left to call on Emmy and Nick.

A problem  suddenly  cropped up at the office and  as it required urgent attention  Michael had to  stay in town, but he promised  to join  them as soon as possible.

“It`s a pity that Michael has to work now. We would go

fishing  if he was here.”

“He will be here soon,  you will  have to enjoy fishing

alone,  until he comes.”

“What a wonderfulhouse, Sarah!”

Sarah welcomed  them in.

“No neighbours, no noise . We will enjoy the silence! It`s

great, Sarah!” 

“Michael has arranged to have food delivered while we are at the cottage. I did not invite our maids, I want to spend  this  vacation with  my friends and  not with maids.

So we will have to cook ourselves.”

“All right, Sarah. By the way  I am quite a good cook.  Nick is

fondof my cooking.”

“I miss Michael so much. I want him to come here as soon aspossible.”

 They were  enjoying Emmy's cooking, and Sarah was indulging her guests with various types of sweets. But  she began to grow more

anxious  with every passing day.

“I cannot  reach him, Emmy  and he did not call. I am so


“You always  panic Sarah,  he must be busy.”

“What if something has happened to him, what if he is


“Don`t talk crap!  What could happen? I am sure he is alright. Why don`t you call  at the office.”

“You are right. I will call at the  office right  now.’’

She took up the receiver.

“Hello, this is Sarah.”

“Hello, Sarah.”

“Could I talk  to Michael, please? I wasn't able to contact him is he alright?”

 “He is not here at the moment. He was sick but now he is  alright.  He said he would come tomorrow.”

“What could happen to him?! I was sure that he  was not alright.  Thank you very much. Goodbye.”

“Sarah  are you Ok?  You look so strained.”

“He`s  been out of work for a few  days. You stay here, but

I have to return. Maybe  Michaelwill come here.”

"Do you want me to go with you? Don`t  worry Sarah everything will be alright.”

" No, thank you I will contact you when I come home."

Sarah  did not  even go into her bedroom  to change her clothes.

“ Where have you been Nick?

Sarah is gone, she worried about Michael as  he was sick and

did not call her. May  everything  be  alright.”

“Maybe he has a mistress?”

"What?! “Don`t be absurd. Maybe you also have a mistress!”

"I was just kidding, darling, sorry."

"It is too late, and she didn't call us." 

"Why don't you call her, Emmy?"

When she approached the phone,  she heard Sarah`s mobile

ringing in her bedroom.

“She was in a hurry  and must have forgotten it. How 

can I call her,  I  know  neither  Sarah`s nor  Michael`s

phone number.”

“It`s so late  Sarah.  Let`s leave tomorrow and talk to them."


But she  could not  sleep, Emmy was thinking  about  Sarah.

"Why did she get so nervous? She should  not have  left.”

Emmy decided to get up as she couldn't sleep. Whileshe was putting her dressing  gown, she suddenlyheard  the sound of  quiet footsteps from the garden.


“Sarah must have already  come!”-  She thought.

  She came up to the  window  andpulled the curtains.

The  masked figure  was  looking  at  her.  She gave a loud  cry.

“What  happened,  Emmy? You alright?”

“There  was  somebody  wearing the

white  mask, he was looking  at me!”

 Nick  got up  and opened  the window.  There  was  nobody


“Nick  let`s  leave right now. We should not stay  here.

A few minutes  later they had  already  been  ready  to

leave. They left the house quietly  and  jumped  into the  car, but Nick  was not

able  to start it.
“What`s wrong?”

“I don`t know, I think it  needs to be  filled up with petrol.

Don`t  worry, I will fix it.”

Suddenly, she squeezed his hand.

“Look, there is somebody inside the  house!”

The light would turn on and off as if there was somebody  looking

for something .

“I am scared.  Don`t leave me please.”

“I will be back soon.”


"Yes, I see, Emmy. Somebody has just gone out of the house."

“Turn off the  lights, Nick and he will not see us.

“This is exactly that man, who was looking  at me through  the

window . What if he comes  to us, Nick?”

“No, he won`t.  He seems  to be  scared. Look, he is running toward the traffic road".
They were looking  at him standing  absolutely  motionless.

At that very  moment  the man  approached the car  and

drove away.

“Who was that man, Nick? What`s  going  on?”

“He  must have  been a thief let's see what is missing."

“A thief? But, he wasn`t holding anything in his hands.”

“I think  he is  a maniac rather than a thief.”

“ Let's check the house right now. We will have to call the police, Emmy.”

“Ok, darling.’’

 They  entered the house and  turned on the light.  What 

they saw in  Sarah`s  room  frightened  them to death.

Sarah  was lying  on the floor. Nick  wanted  to run toward

her  but Emmy  stopped  him. She approached  Sarah and felt her  pulse.

“She is  dead. Call the  police. I  can smell  gas, let`s get

out of here.”

They broke the window  and  went  out.

“I was  already  beginning to feelsick. What's going on, darling?"

"Let`s go to Michael's place  right now."

"It seems to me that  Sarah  was here all the time, Nick.”

“I think so too,  Emmy. She was in the house.  She hid  here  inside the house from someone.”

“Maybe  she was waiting  for somebody  and did not want us tknow  anything  about it".

"And then  that person killed her.”

 The house caught fire soon after they left.

 “Look!  It could not  catch itself.”

“Oh, God she was still  alive,  Emmy. You thought she was

dead, but she was Alive. She wanted to get out of here  as well

but, we killed her."

"That`s  horrible !”– she said and burst  into tears.

“We should not have come  here, Nick.”

“Calm down, please, we must talk to Michael right now.”

They were knocking  at Michael`s door a long time until he opened it.

“Who is  there?”

“Michael it`s  me open the door  please!”

“What happened, is Sarah alright, where  is she?  Emmy, you are here too! What  happened  tell me please!.”

They told him everything.

“She was suffering from hallucinations. She had a fancy that she could  see  a masked figure  and hear the  sound of footsteps. We  consulted  a  doctor  and  he  suggested  having a rest.

I worriedabout her so much. She must  have  decided  to commit suicide. She  was sick. I tried not to notice her sickness. Even  your  presence  did  not help.”

“You know,  Michael…”

She wanted to tell him something  but Nick gave her a sharp push  and  she figured out the hint.


“Did you want to tell me something?”

“Well, yes. We must be going now. It`s so late.”

“Poor Michael! I wonder how  he is going to get over that.

By the way, why did you push me?”

“I will tell you later, darling.”

Next  day Nick called  Emmy  from his office to tell her that

he would  be  late.  Nick  was going to Michael's place.

“Don`t stay too long. You know me, I will worry about you.”

In the late evening somebody knocked at the door.

Michael  was standing  in the doorway.

“I am so sorry Emmy. Nick  decided  to relax and  forget

about everything that had  happened. He was too drunk.

He declined my offer to give him a lift. I followed

him in my car but still did not manage to save him. His car went out of

control and fell  from the bridge. I`m so sorry.”

“God  in  Heaven, I don`t  believe it!  That`s not true!..”

“I am sorry Emmy.”

A few minutes later  they burst out laughing. They were

interrupting  themselves all the time, laughing and laughing.

“She wanted to poison me, because she guessed  it was me

who frightened  her. She made me drink  coffee  the poisoned

coffee.  I did not drink it up. I just took only a gulp of that coffee,

but it was enough to poison me. I  was not able to go to


“Michael I was looking at her when she was on the phone to

you.  I wish you had seen her face, when she realised  that you were alive.”

“Emmy  I thought  Nick would begin to look for me 

everywhere  in the garden  and  I hoped that something

would happen to him there.”

“But, he guessed.  I understood it by the expression on his face. You forgot to hide the mask.

I tried to warn you about it but by that time Nick  had already been full of suspicion.”

“Well, that`s why I  sent  him to  have a swim . I  got Sarah's money  and we are together.”

They embraced each other and it was a good thing that he wasn’t able to see her face. Otherwise,  her eyes would have told  him  something  that he would not have liked. 

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