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The story about a murder.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012




A powerful blast was heard in the middle of the night. It was a car explosion. The neighbors were so shocked that they didn’t even call the police at once. The car belonged to one of the neighbors. The burning body ofa man, who probably was the owner ofthat car could be seeninside.
‘I think it’s Nick’s car.’ One of the neighborstold the detective.
‘Nick and his wife  went to their summer cottage. Nick was washing his car yesterday morning preparing for their departure.’
‘Perhaps you know if they left together?’ Asked the detective.
’They must have left together. Wasn’t sheinside the car? Asked the neighbor.
‘No, he was alone in the car. Maybe she decided to stay in their summer cottage? Asked the detective.
‘They always go to their summer cottage together as they are a very friendly couple. Perhaps this man in the car isn’t Nick at all?’
‘You are right it might be someone else. The results of the autopsy will show whom this body belongs to. Could you lead me to their flat?’
‘Yes, of course. Their flat is on the ground floor.’
The detective and the neighbor went to Nick’s flat. The people were still staying outside. No one including the police could think of a reason for such an explosion.The neighbor came up to Nick’s flat he knocked at the door.
‘Maybe Ellen, his wife is at home and asleep?’ supposed the man. 
‘The sound of explosion should have awoken her’ said the detective. 
‘Yes. You are right the explosion raised  a general  alarm.’
The neighbor knocked at the door and rang the bell, but no one came.
‘She is not at home otherwise she would come and open the door.  No doubt that he came back alone and she stayed there.’
They had to break down the door to get in.  The neighbor was right; Nick’s wife was staying in their summer cottage while Nick came back because of possible urgent matters. While scrutinizing the flat the detective heard the sound coming from the bedroom. 
If the detective hadn’t come in time the neighbor would have fainted.  There was a body on the bed with a face twisted in horror.
‘It’s her, Nick’s wife’ he could hardly move his lips. 
The investigation reached a deadlock. A few months passed but nothing has been clarified.  The results of the examination showed that a bomb was placed in Nick’s car and his wife was strangled to death on her bed. They were killed almost at the same time. 
The detective had already talked to the dead couple’s co workers. They were the owners of a big  firm.  All the co workers respected them. Their firm was established many years ago. The establishment was funded by Ellen, but the firm was governed by Nick. They were always glad to hire new people and the salary was always high. Their only one request and condition was to work honestly and so  everyone was pleased.
So the idea that the murderer could have been one of their co-workers was dismissed. Their friends treated them with love and respect. 
The detective wasn’t able to understand one thing if everyone loved and respected them and their neighbors had never  noticed anything suspicious  why  and who could have killed them.
 A woman called detective Shean several times that day but as he was away they didn't manage to talk. She had some information  that she wanted to share with him.

After she finally talked to himit turned out to be Nick and Ellen’s neighbor.
The detective went to talk to  the woman.
‘Hello, the detective. I have just remembered  hearing footsteps in their flat. I may be distracting you but it’s important.  I am surprised at myself. How could I forget about it, but at my age,you see. It’s a good thing that I still remembered it.’
‘So what have you remembered?’
‘I was going to bed, I usually go to bed late. I always clean my place  before going to bed, but I never take away  the trash. You know, there is a strange  belief that it should be taken away before the sunset’
‘I didn’t know that.
I am sorry for  interrupting you.’
‘Never  mind.  So  about the trash. I still decided to take it away.  While I was  going out I heard somebody  opening  their door, I thought they  had come back.
Some time later, in about twenty to thirty minutes the door slammed again. I thought they are going somewhere but so late? And again in twenty to thirty minutes the door slammed again. I also heard  hasty footsteps and what was the moststrange was that the blast was heard shortly after.’
It was a very useful piece of information. Somebody appeared  at last.
There was only one thing left to do, to find that person.
And again the detective was scrutinizing the materials of the case. The fingerprints were found at their place and were identified as those belonging to his wife and somebody else, they were probably  belonging to her husband but it couldn’t have been proved as there was only  a pile of ash left after him.

The  woman  was strangled with cable,of  course in gloves. There were notraces of a fight on her body,so she knew  the murderer. The two deaths were covered with mysteries.
They were each others heirsaccording to the will.
 In the event of their death,their whole estate was to be givento a  children’s  shelter. They didn’t have their own children.
Their property wasa considerable one. Jewelries, real estate,  money.The biggest part was kept in one of the bank while the lesser part was kept in another.
The friends,acquaintances, co workers,  and  neighbors, had been already questioned several times - and nothing. The investigation was still in  a deadlock. Nick’s fingerprints were finally found. Once he had to leave on a business trip  and without even knowing it himself he decided to take off his gloves before his  departure. It was not clear why he did it but  these gloves came quite in handy. The  second pair of fingerprints found in their flat were those of Nick. However the gloves didn’t advanceinvestigation.
The chieftold the detective that this case should be put aside for some time. The detective himself was aware of the complexity of this case.
‘You had better busy yourself with  another case. The body of a man was found in a river this  morning. He was a beggar. You should  identify  this man perhaps he has relatives or friends.’

The detective Sean  set about  the beggar’s case, however he continued thinking  about the dead couple’s case.
The beggar was identified shortly after. He had  been  begging in the street  not far from the river for  quite a long time.
He was living on charity, always  calm. Everyone would pity him and help him as they could. He was lonely so there was no one to inform  his death about.
‘How is the beggar’s case? inquired the chief.
‘Everything is clear , no mysteries. He committed suicideaccording to the autopsy report.
He must have been tired of this type of lifestyle. But the chief noticed suspicion in his eyes.
‘Is something wrong, detective? Are you holding something back?
Or it only seems so to me?’
‘Everything is all right, but still there is one thing that is confusingme. That beggar was begging near Nick’s house.’
‘What if he was sitting there? There are loads of other beggars begging there.’
‘Yes, you are right, this beggar has nothing to do with these two deaths.’
When the detective Sean appeared in the chief’s officehe was quite  a sorry sight.
Without saying hello he held out  the autopsy’s report silently.
‘What’s that, Sean?’
It was obvious that the detective  was speechless.  After reading it  the expression on the chief’s face  became  the same as that of the detective. According to the fingerprints the drowned man was Nick.  Who was burned in the car?  One morepuzzle.  The detective was on the point of  drowning himself.
‘Enough. We both need a rest I forbid you even to think about this case.’ 
But the detectivehad no desire to think about it. A few days later the detective Sean received a letter.The letter was from Nick.  The envelope wouldn’t tear at first.When  the letter  finally was  taken out of the envelope  the detective began to read it.  He read it once and then again and once again.
Nick and his wife got married for love. Ellen  inherited a huge fortune from her father. Nick and Ellen decided to  establish their own firm. Nick was managing their firm but the owner ofthat firm was Ellen. Nick having no money of his own depended on his wife.
In time  the dependence on his wife started to oppress him and he made up his mind to scrape up his own fortune by hook or by crook. At the same time he sensed that Ellen would learn about it and when she did learn about his fraudshe decided to take revenge on him. He knew Ellen’s character very well and was ready for her and so wanted  to defendhimself.
He did everything in the way that no onewould ever guess.
Having returned from their summer cottage he stayed awhile in their car so that Ellen would  go upstairs alone and only after that he went  home too. He didn’t manage to find her at once.Even when he found her he still couldn’t understand where she had been  buthe was  too shorton time to make it clear  so  he decided to strangle his wife as soon as possible.

Having strangled his wife,  he quickly  returned to the car but the look on Ellen’s face that he suddenly remembered while they both were  still sitting in their car  made him stop suddenly.

‘Oh, God!’
He even perspired with terror. It was so fortunate that a beggar was sitting in the corner all the time. Nick was right,  Ellen found the means of taking revenge on him. His car exploded.
He had no idea what his life would be like then. Was he supposed to  remain  in the image of a beggar until the end of his days?
Owning a huge fortune he had no right to it, however  he became a genuine master of his own destiny.

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