Beach Blonde

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A song I'm writing about people my age and their logics in romance these days! I know it says about English people. I'm 100% English, and I'm not offended, so I hope you're not either! 50% a joke.

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Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012




(G D EM C)
It's been a while since I've seen that smile
But you've probably forgotten the time you gave it to me.
Perhaps you and that popular girl are hanging at the pool,
(G D EM C)
I mean it's not like I'm supposed to care.
You said "I'm going to California to meet up with some nice chick that's blonde and sold"
I mean they're probably fake anyway, because girls just want two melons to behold.
Go ahead and leave me anyway,
English teenager's logic is so bad I can't even say.
(G D EM C)
I bet she isn't even well your type
I know you said that I'm not yours but she's got plastic surgery and lies
And I know that you and I could be just perfect,
But I guess the skinny beach blonde girl is worth it more,
More than a real girl.
And I know that slimmed down models are men's thing,
But they are sly and sneer at every mistake that you bring.
And I know that you'll just go for the skinny maniquin anyway 
But take my 'advice' as a warning, because teen's logics aren't okay.
(G D EM C)
I'm walking down the road with my brown curls and my high heels,
The men turn 'round their heads at me, and I smile at the feel,
Of being without you, or that skinny little freak.
I know some people can't help it, but she's starving to death for the chic.
It really isn't cool to starve and die.
If you say she's pretty, then you must be telling lies?
(G D EM C)
She's skinny and only eats one biscuit a day.
Sure I look overweight compared to them,
But atleast that's one thing I can say.
I like to diet down in my own way,
I'm healthy as I am so don't make me change how I am,
I bet you two will make out only to find you just don;'t work out
And then you'll run right back to me!
But I won't be there anymore,
To catch you every single time you fall.
Because you left me for the girl in plaster,
Who is honestly such a disaster to me!
So next time learn to pick a true girl, not some woman that doesn't eat enough fries.
(G D EM C)
Please don't come back, with a come back, it just won't work on me. 
I knew you weren't worth it, so I've locked you out the house, and I have the key.

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