A Poem For Justice

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It is a poem about a young woman named Justice Peace who is trying to find hope. She is homeless and trying to see past the forest to see the tree.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



A Poem for Justice

I walk on the cracks of the concrete jungle and hoping I can find a rose.

Each step I take the streets are filled with crack vials and broken promises

I am searching for the person named Justice

So afraid that I will follow in the path of my mother

Becoming a zombie and a slave to the glass dick

I am tired of just surviving I want to live

Sleeping and crying  on borrowed pillows

I don't even have a home of my own

Each night traveling from shelter to shelter

Not knowing where I belong

I ask why did she name me Jutisce Peace ?

I have been searchng for it most of my life



I travel away so far away so i can see beauty

I hate the hood

I hate the Drama

Maybe because I have been surrounded around it all my life

I want to see beauty, lve on blocks where there is trees

Where the neighbors are friendly

Maybe because the world has been so ugly to me

I want to see flowers blooming and hear birds chirping

I want to live in a home where there is no curfew

Sleep in a room not riddle with roaches and rats

I want a Daddy to love me

Where is he?

Who is he?

I sit in the library daily and read of good home and good food

In my mind I travel through the fifty states

I've lived in mansions and taken trips on yachts

I wish I wish my dreams where reality

 I wish my dreams weren't so muddy

If I had money I make it matter

If I had Justice and Peace I excercise it every day

For me a meal has to last while others throw away what they could share

I promise I will feed the needy

I may be dreaming and

surfing on hope

For me I am constantly wishing on a star and last night I saw one shoot across the sky

Today I saw a rose petal in between the cracks of the concrete

Today my mother seeked help for her addiction

Today I bought a pillow so I would never have to borrow anothers

Next step  my own home

Possiblities are endless.

Stories are written mine is just in the middle

The ending for Justice Peace will be happy.

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