Enemies Collide

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Meet Nika. She is a young vampire slayer. She is always on the run and always looking for a kill. But what happens to her when she let her guard down and fall for a charming but evil vampire? and as a bonus that would be every slayer's nightmare what do you get when you collide with the enemy?
A disaster.
If you met love along the way?
A very confuse heart...

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011




Nika’s legs run automatically trough the field. She doesn’t even notice the grass, which is whipping against her legs leaving it red and bruised. She struggles a bit over rocks and bumps, which is in her way. The only thing that is going through her head is the fact that she needs to escape, get away from him. She doesn’t even notice to were she is running she just run bindings with a little bit of light provided from the moon. The night air fills her lungs as they are desperately seeking for air. She struggle a bit and fell down a few times from the chains, which is wrap around her small frame.

Her body is in spasms and it ache as hell but there is no time to take notice of that. She just needs to get away. He can be on her ass like right now and she is not geared. To tell the truth she is at her weakest now.

Damn! How did she got in this mess in the first place?

How did she end up like this?

How could she let her guard down with him?

How could she let him get to her?

Why did she fell for him?

Why didn’t she just take him out when he got the chance?

She can feel her hands wet and sticky from the blood of her bruised wrists. 

He had tide the chains so hard!


His beautiful green eyes.

His pitch-black hair.

His seductive mouth…

His evil mind.

Nika shake the thoughts of him out of her head. She cant, must not think of him! Right now she just needs to get some sort of shelter. She starts to run faster as she shudder from the thought of him being behind her.

She just couldn’t bare another night.

Her screams blood and pain. After a week she needed to get away and tonight she has finally succeeded.

She knows he would come for her. She fought with all her might but he is a powerful creature and caught her off guard. She never expected it from him, he look like a Greek god but he has a secret beyond this world.

He is a vampire…




“You’re shitting me!” said the black head male to his friend across the room as he watched the screen of the monitors where dead people are scattered all around the place.


“Nope, senior” his friend reply in his Spanish accent.


“Damn it Logan this has gone to far. Yu and I know it both.” he looks at his friend with hazelnut brown hair.


“This is a war Kyle, Koran wont stop.” Logan replied.


“Then I am going to make him stop.”

Kyle’s blue eyes turn dark as he walk over to a close door.


“Don’t Kyle. He needs to be take down easy we need more time.” Logan calmly said as he turns to face the monitors.


“Every minute Koran is on the loose innocent mortals get killed!” Kyle say as he pause and point to the monitor which shows the bodies of people who got  brutally murdered.


“We are the origins Logan it is our job to protect the humans from the washouts of our species! This war should have never got to this point. We are the guardians!”


“We are Kyle but you need to understand. We can’t just take him down….”


“Why not.” Kyle zap back


“We didn’t got any order from Eric yet…”


“Look I know Eric is the oldest of us all but if he was on his post and see this he would agreed with me but he is acting like a love sick crack head since he had met Crisna.


“He loves her. She is his forever, Kyle.” Logan said as he work some papers.


“I don’t believe that shit, Logan.”


“Yap I used to think so two until Marissa came along” Logan says to Kyle.

A low growl escape from Kyle’s throat. He knows best to shut up when it comes to Marissa. He might be stronger than Logan, but that guy can be surprising sometimes. Jip to be older than 8000 ears is quite tough especially when you spent all those years alone with no one to love you back.

Kyle continues his walk to the close door.


“You know you would have met her a long time ago if you weren’t so stubborn.”

Kyle swing backs and look at Logan who have jut read his mind. Yes he has a strong friendship bond with him but he still feels like ripping his throat out.

“Do you like the thrills you get from near death experiences, Logan” Kyle silently warns his friend.

“Your not at your best tonight I can feel it so you wont hurt me, Kyle.”

 Kyle want to deny it but he cant Logan is right he is just not himself tonight. Kyle shrug it off as nothing as he grab a wooden bullet gun from the weapon room.



Nika stop running. She rests her hands on her knees. Her legs feel numb.

For how long have she been running?

Did she lose him?”

Is he still on her trail?


Suddenly she hears something crack behind her. It made her run again in fear that it might be him. Then something grabs her from behind.



This is my first time posting on this site. Tell me what you think. and please cut me some slack with the grammar english is my third language!

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