The Day I Stood Still

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Submitted: March 08, 2011

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Submitted: March 08, 2011



The world continues spinning

even when disaster strikes

Mother Earth still births new plants and trees

and somebody dies

My perception slows and I watch life;

the people around me, the people I see

everyone has a purpose

every soul has a destiney

Problems, solutions, issues and pain

are what we live for

to fix it, to resolve it, to figure it out,

to get through it - what we live for

I'm quick to see that the grass isn't

greener, on the other side

but it seems like everyone prefers the lil' patch of

dirt right under their ties

I have 99 problems and I won't change one

I'd rather struggle through and overcome it on my own

than say I'm weak and can't do it

But I'm so proud of where I come from

I blame my strong heart and brilliant

mind on these streets

America considers the army as soldiers

where as we know them as killers with liberty

"The U.S laws are based on the Bible" - bullshit:

killing in prison is legal, being gay is legal, racism is legal

you don't need education to be a cop, just need a gun pointed at

any civillian and that still is legal

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