End Time Dreams

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This is the first of a series of dreams I have had related to prophecies of the End Times. It is an accounting of the dream and my own interpretation of what it may mean.

Submitted: October 31, 2012

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Submitted: October 31, 2012



Friday, October 12, 2012

I often have mornings where I am awoken by familiar worship songs that I've recently heard or some old favorites. I say that it is God's way of saying "Good Morning and have a blessed day! I am with you always." This morning it was just two lines of one song...

"Live, like there's no tomorrow.

Love, like I'm on borrowed time.

These two lines repeated three times. Christians will know that numbers have power. The number three immediately brings to mind Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or maybe the crucifixtion and resurrection three days later.  Whatever it may mean this particular time is still a mystery to me unless it was simply a way of helping me to remember the lines. Repetition can also be important in itself. The parable of the sower was repeated in three of the New Testament Gospels.  The Lord Jesus prayed three times for the "cup to be removed from Him" if God willed it. Jesus was on the earth for 33 years...This may be an interesting bible study for a future date. However, onto the dream...

After the two lines of the song repeated three times, I simply heard a voice say "Revelation 10" and then I woke. Well, at that point in time, I had been doing some bible study on end time prophecy from Daniel and Ezekial.  I hadn't yet touched on Revelation past the second chapter. It gets a little sticky after that for someone who isn't ready to wade through all of the twists and turns of trumpets, candles, bowls, angels, dragons, and kings and such.  Naturally, I was curious.  Why that particular chapter? It was interesting to find that it wasn't quite as daunting as some of the other chapters. Chapter ten of Revelation is this in a nut shell...

A mighty angel comes and places one foot on earth and one foot in the sea. He is holding a little book open in his hand. A voice speaks to John and tells him to take the book and eat it. The voice says that the book will be honey in his mouth and bitter in his belly. The voice says the time is near. He tells John to be ready to prophesy again to the nations.

The bible says that its words will confound those who don't have an ear to hear it. I am developing my hearing very earnestly! I love it when God speaks to me through His word! The bible also says that daughters will prophesy and men young and old will have dreams and visions. I'm not sure yet where I fall into this but when God wants to let me know, He will.

Revelation ten is pretty simple.  The time of the rapture is coming soon. I believe that the book the angel was holding was information about God's plan for His creation. Those who are Christian rejoice in the knowledge that we will be joining God in heaven soon; thus, the honey in the mouth. However, we worry for those who will be left behind after we are caught up into the sky to be with Him. The world will be a very difficult place to be once the rapture takes place. Disasters, wars, famine, drought, pain, torture, just to name a few.  Thus, the "bitter in the belly" as this information is difficult to digest. Those who love Jesus and have accepted Him have to continue to diligently seek Him and love others enough to be bold and tell the world about HIm.  Time is too short to keep Jesus all to ourselves.  Our one goal above all others is to share the gospel. We've got to be about our Father's business! Reach out! Speak up! 

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