Dark Laughter (Black Butler)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

you've heard of the Undertaker havent you? the man (i feel like i should call them a dude.) who lives in a morge! ever wondered how he became so weird? so did i. but then i wrote this. this is the story of Undertaker, how he became who and what he is. and what happend along the way. you know who he met and all this informantin about the grim reapers, and dont for get some romance hither and thither.(it also happens to be the story of why i'm an alien!!) so please injoy my weird story! now for whats happened, undertaker is 14 its the year 1823 (i think) and he lives in scotland. he is the undertaker for the small village named deaths door which is surrounded by a massave graveyard. undertaker has lost everyone in his family exsept his stepfather, and has one friend, the very piculer Enola.

Table of Contents

Dark Laughter (Black Butler)

chapter 1(sorry for any spelling errors but i am an alien and am not used to you heuman's language.) A soft cry comes from a dark cor... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

  okay, I need a begging... well..... how 'bout we pay no attention to me and get on with the story? Sound like a good idea ... Read Chapter

chapter 4

  With out anyone knowing it, the world was slowly tarring it's self apart. Everyone in the village of Deaths Door, where ab... Read Chapter