Sinful Sincerity

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An experiment in where words will go when you just type.

Submitted: July 08, 2010

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Submitted: July 08, 2010



The wind makes sailboats out of clouds,
Which sail right through the branches of the tree,
Who reaches his arms up high to the sky
Trying to break free from his roots
The tree stretches and twists and a sordid mess begins
As desire takes over and devours the man seated beneath the roots
Whose wife is at home
Reading a novel on how to be saved
While the husband falls again and again beneath the tree
Trying to escape this earth
Which is so full of sin
Of sin
Of sin
And sincerity
For where is the sin in sincerity?
Buried deep
Intentions inextricably intertwined with malign while the wife sits at home and the man
Wraps his arm around the
Young girl
Whose father had died and is looking for
A rare find in this world which is always
Preparing to jump off its axis.
Twirling whirling tilting and toppling
The tiniest mistake
Sends this dear planet through space
Where the moon
Would smile at our misfortune.
The roots dig deeper into the solidity the muck and the heat warms his
bones as the stars show their faces long after they’re dead
The roots which bind us and hold us dig deeper
For where is the good in goodbye?
The clover is lucky
A rabbit hops by
Jumps down the rabbit hole to end space and time
Which never stops but always flies faster and faster until you no longer
can see the world surrounding you
And all you are left with is sinful sincerity
Perplexedly so.
While the roots and the limbs fight for their life
The stars shine so bright
Only after they’re gone
And the moon sees no follies
And the man and the tree and the world still tilts and the fire consumes us
Til ashes are ashes are ashes today.

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