the start of a series of short stories of the journey of a young girl as she falls into the abyss...from life to death.

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Kzchen, The words roll from his lips like thickened honey, and you blink up at him, at the smile on his lips and at the pride in his eyes.verwnte Ge” another voice drifts into your earshot and you glace over to the other young man in the room, his blue eyes flash with an almost jealous streak before they settle you, “or as he is not quite fond of that name” he grins over to his friend who scowls at him “you could call him many things” his new man rises and joins you and smiles up at the seething figure beside you, he turns his flickering blue eyes back to you and offers a hand.Kzchen, soon you will be like me and mordred” he glared up at mordred as the other man continued grinning at you both.Kzchen” he pleads with you “I don’t want to lose you”

Giggling softly, he skips off behind a tree and pokes his head back round to blink at you,
His lithe fingers stroke the trunk and his fiendish icy eyes flash as his blackened lips curl up into a sadistic grin. Standing at a heroic height of six four he is commanding figure in black leather and net, his long black hair whips about his face and shoulders as the wind pulls and twists the strands.
Giggling again he spins away from your clutching fingers and holds his own up to his lips to nibble on the metal claw that coat a number of his fingertips, drawing its sharp point down over his bottom lip as his eyes regard your own with malicious delight.
A droplet of blood quivers on the point and your mouth is dry, your eyes flash from the blood to his amused stare as your own lips quiver in anticipation.
He holds his hand out slightly the droplet still clinging to the point, with bated breath you step forward to draw his offering into your own mouth.
The blood seems to only be small but it feels as if it coats your tongue and slips down your throat with liquid fire settling in to your stomach.
You feel the tendrils of fire lick down your limbs, warming them to the barrier between pain and pleasure. Your breath catches in your throat, and your eyes flutter closed.
Strong arms encircle your waist and draw you closer to the fire itself, you gasp for breath and open your eyes to stare deeply into his which have been eaten to white from the power he wields.
His lips curl into the same grin that suggests wickedness and he brushes a loose strand of your hair from your eyes, drawing it slowly behind your ear.
Almost overwhelmed completely by the sensation of his hard body pressed up against yours, you tilt your head back slightly to look him directly in the eyes and return his sadistic smile.
New sensations start rippling through your body, your body quivers, muscles jumping as power flows through them, and it all forces a giggled whimper from your throat.
He grins at you and cups your jaw, his eyes flash as he tilts your head slightly to the left bearing your throat and draws you tighter still.
His fingers entwine in you hair and his breath almost scorches your neck, your breath catches but your lost in the sensations of his thumb rubbing against your skin and of how his eyelashes flicker against your earlobe, how his hand splays out against your lower back and how you cannot feel you neck anymore…
A cry fails at your lips falling into the abyss with you.
Drawing up from the depths you first notice the sharpness of the air, it catches on the back of your throat slightly, drawing up images in your mind of rain. Fluttering your eyes open its black around you, nothing can be discernable in the ebon darkness not even your own hand.
You gasp as you sit up sharply and clutch one hand to your throat, your fingers touch nothing but your own skin, confused you feel around you but still only find nothing but the bed you’re placed in.
delicately you crawl from the bed and rest against it, clutching your knees to your chest as you try to control your senses. Scents and sounds assault you and thoughts not your own invade your mind, your body shivers so violently your teeth chatter and tears trickle down your cheeks.
Taking a deep breath you steady yourself enough to control the shaking and restrain your emotions, and you look around you with piercing eyes.
Now that you have calmed down you can see around you, little flickers of light from somewhere allow you to barely see the door head of you, with a half scramble half crawl you reach the door and twist the knob, locked, with a frustrated snarl you attack the door.
Shrieking like a banshee you tear at it, your skin splitting from the onslaught but the old wood splinters under your fists and falls to your feet, and weakened you collapse against the door frame and slide to the floor gasping for breath.
You prop yourself up on one hand and stare at the cracked stone for a moment to catch your breath, and a pair of boots approach stopping just abreast from your lowered head.
With a hiss you raise you head and look into his white eyes glittering at you, a strange smile curls his lips and he reaches down for you, drawing you to your feet faster than you could follow.
With a muffled shriek you push against him as he presses his lips against yours but you body abandons you, responding to his demanding kiss with a ferocity that you had never felt before.
He laughs slightly against your lips as you run your hands up under his shirt but it catches slightly in his throat as you drag your nails through the flesh of his back, his eyelashes flutter and his back bows under your splayed hands.
He rolls his eyes back to stare at you and you grin devilishly lifting one blood soaked hand up to your face, his eyes flick briefly to it then return to yours and watches intently as you raise it to your mouth and lick the blood from the tips of you fingers, your eyes watch him watch you.
When there was no more blood to be had, his eyes widen slightly as they lock onto yours, heat and delight flood their depths as he grins at you, and he kisses you back, like he’s trying to climb into you.
Giggling you break from his grasp and look around you, a fire flickers in the fireplace and two young men sitting beside it watches them both with two completely different expressions, one with fear and the other with a fierce hunger.
You regard the one with the smell of fear radiating off him with a child’s delight, your body responds to the fear with hunger, but hunger comes in many forms.
You saunter over to the young man with his dirty blonde hair and chiseled features, and lean in close enough to breath in his scent. His skin flickers under your lips and you grin as your eyes flutter shut, concentrating on the onslaught of fear from the man under her fingertips. You feel hands pulling you back from his neck and you turn slashing and snarling at the intruder, hands encircle your wrists and jerk you enough for you to see clearly the white eyes glittering with amusement looking at you.
You grin at him and whisper, “and what do I call you?”
You turn to said ’brat’ who stares dangerously at the other man and his offered hand, “I don’t think that would be the wisest thing I would ever do”, you flick your eyes back to the other and blink at him as he cocks one eyebrow, he laughs and gestures wildly, “never mind the moody bastard, if he cant be morbid and abysmal he’s just down right pissy like a drenched cat”, you feel him stiffen beside you then you stifle a shriek as he roars with laughter, scaring you out of your wits.
You glare at the both of them as you lower yourself into the lounge beside the fearful young man, but when he jumps back from you your tight control snaps and you lunge at him, you can feel your incisors lengthen as you snap in his face, his screams echoing in your head.
You fall back from him with a frustrated cry, your jaws ache from the hunger but his screams still echo bringing tears to your eyes, letting your head fall into your hands you close your eyes, omit a single sob and sigh.
Gentle fingers pry your fingers from your hair and wipe the tears from your cheeks, butterfly kisses across your eyelids as your face is lifted to the light. You open your eyes to once again stare into white eyes, a smile catches the corner of his mouth and he cradles you to his chest, as he speaks it rumbles through your body providing comfort from the onslaught of your senses and emotions, “the journey you undertake will last only a little while Suchergebnisse
You frown and turn back to him and coax “and you would be?”
“oh” he actually had the grace to look embarrassed, as he cringed slightly looking into your eyes, “I happen to be Daegan”.
His black rimmed eyes just pronounced the puppy dog look slide over his features, equipped with his own version of mordreds dopy grin.
You cant help it, he makes you smile and you do so.
A cough from mordred has you blushing but there isn’t enough blood left in your body and it makes you faint, Daegan searches your eyes with his as you sigh and become limp.
He nods and gestures to mordred, “its time” he lifts your head back to let it sit nestled in the bend of his neck, “drink Alayne”.
You gasp and shake your head but you cannot gather enough strength to push him back or even move your head.
“you have to Suchergebnisse
“why would you lose me”, your voice takes on a dreamy quality, as you feel yourself drifting off to sleep.
Daegan pulls you down quickly and cradles you in the bend of his arm and bites his wrist, tearing at the skin till his blood ran down his fingertips onto your cheek, he held his wrist in front of you and pressed it against your lips.
Never have you felt such thirst, each mouthful made you want more, you could hear deans muffled grunts and moans but nothing could reach you in this abysmal ecstasy of blood lust.
Daegan is torn from your grasp and you follow him, shrieking and clawing for him but mordred stands blocking your path with a determined set to his features. Daegan lays prone on the lounge behind him, that is enough for you to control yourself. You back up till you hit the wall then you let yourself slide down the wall till you can sit hugging your knees as you watch mordred tend to Daegan.
You hold your arm out with widened eyes as you feel the power course through your veins, the intensity of it makes you gasp and roll your eyes back into your head. Curling your fist you draw the power back in on itself until you have it contained your eyes flick back to land on the young man still sitting on the lounge, you can see his blood under the translucency of his skin, bright blue passages calling out to be traveled.
You can feel the difference in your eyes and everything has become clearer but you can also now see smaller things that went plausible for you to be able to see.
You cock your head to the side and regard the dirty blonde, his wide eyes stare back but you can hear the doubt in his mind. You crawl slowly to him and giggle in response to his thoughts, “do you really think that drugs is the things responsible for the things you are witnessing tonight?” you sneer at him and draw his chin in your small hand jerking his head down towards yours, “you know better than that blydden” you smile as he cringes back, his body already in shock from the heroine in his system.
You cut his cheek with your thumb nail and lick the blood from his skin, wincing you lean back and toss him to the floor, with a scalding look of discontent, “ im not particularly fond of junk food”.
With a sniff your rise from the floor and go to join mordred who watches your approach with utter amusement and amazement. Sliding a look to him you warn with your gaze not to speak until spoken too.
Alas mordred was obviously born without that all important feature and proceeds to pummel your subconscious with fluttered questions and queries, which frustrate you to tears.
Daegan shifts enough in his sleep to catch your gaze and your eyes droop feasting on such serenity and peace.
You crawl to him, entwining yourself with him until you lay nestled in the curve of his arm and your eyes flutter shut.
Shutting out the nervous breathing of blydden, mordred’s obsessive talking.
Zeroing in, focusing in, on the death in your arms.

Submitted: November 11, 2007

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