The Mutiny

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Flog that man until his back is raw.

Submitted: November 03, 2006

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Submitted: November 03, 2006



ptain Bligh was his name,
he ruled his ship wth an iron cane.
The Bounty was the ship,
sailing to Tahiti, via Cape Horn was the trip.
At Cape Horn, after tacking back and forth,
eastward, was set the course.
It was the long way round,
but they were still Tahiti bound.
After many long months at sea,
one morning the lookout shouted, "Tahiti."
Wine, women, and song for the crew,
it was a paradise, the like of which they never knew.
When the ship was fully laden with breadfruit trees,
once more the Bounty put to sea.
Three weeks later, the trees began to die,
"Give them the crews water", said captain Bligh.
The crew complained most bitterly,
"Silence" said Bligh," or in the brig you will be."
Very early in the next morn,
the mutiny was born.
Over the side went Captain Bligh,
into the long boat, and left to die.
So back to Tahiti sailed the crew,
to the island paradise, that they loved and knew.

After more than a year of island bliss,
they decided, we had better get out of this.
For the British navy, will surely come,
then they will string us up, one, by one.
So once more the Bounty put to sea,
but this time the crew, took their families.
When Pitcairn Island came into view,
they said, "this is home, it will do."
Stripping the Bounty of everything of use,
she was set on fire with a fuse.
So if to Pitcairn Isle you go today,
the mutineers descendants, you will find, fishing in the bay.






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