Dear Ms. Bachmann

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I needed to write this letter, or I was going to explode. It will never be read by its intended receiver,but it wants to be read. So here it is.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




Dear Ms. Bachmann,

I have so many questions for you, and believe that through answering difficult questions, we become stronger people. These are questions that anyone in your position should be able to answer.

Recently at a campaign event in Iowa, a young woman asked you why it isn’t legal for gay and lesbian people to marry. You said:

“They can get married, [if] they abide by the same laws as everyone else. They can marry a man, if they’re a woman, and can marry a woman if they’re man”

 That statement shocked and enraged me. I have to imagine that you don’t understand the depth of what you are saying. You are saying that love is not what holds together a marriage. You are stripping the sanctity from what you believe to be a holy union. Statistically, 10% of our population identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer. You are telling one out of every ten people that love does not have to be a predominant part of their marriage. Is that truly what you believe? Ms. Bachmann, could you live in a world in which the government dictated who you could marry? If they said you could not legally be with the man you loved, what would you do?

I understand that you are predominantly driven by your religion. You say that God wants it this way, and so it must be. Personally, I think that any god would only want their creations to be happy, but I think we differ on that view. Trust me, if God makes happy the people he loves, he must love me quite a bit. But that seems irrelevant, so it comes to this -separation of church and state. It is something our founders embedded in our constitution, and I ask you to uphold it. If you allow the government to mandate who we marry, what comes next?  Killing our freedom of speech?

Michele, I am a 16 year old girl who has been in love with another young woman for more than a year. You must remember what it is like to be a teenager and in love. Did you fantasize about your wedding day? I do. I will wear a beautiful dress, I will stand up in front of my friends and family, declare my love, say my vows, and kiss my bride while they clap and cry tears of joy. I will marry for love, and there is nobody in this world who can deny me that. I am not sick, confused, deluded, or any other word you would care to pin on me. I am a happy, strong, intelligent young lesbian. I am surrounded by friends and family, by real, unconditional love; they will vouch for me, and all the others that your loveless dystopia would hurt. We are rising; we are coming of age and fighting for a new world.

Michele Bachmann, I am the future of this country.

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