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this was when i was in a real bad place..i wasnt the happiest person when i wrote this

Submitted: April 19, 2008

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Submitted: April 19, 2008



here comes the cuts,

deeper and deeper they go,

once your blood flowed like a river,

now invaded by sharp silver blades,

u are laid down eternally,

it killed you, the unacceptaints,

the memories of the good days,

it was all a lie,

and now your eternal coldness is left up to someone elses cries,

its their fault you took your life with your own hands,

the ignorance from everyone,

the words that should have been said,

are now written on the stone above your head,

your life wasnt as the thought,

they seen you as a fun loving girl,

but now they know it was all the girl could do to keep that smile on her face,

she didnt have the strength in her heart to make it through,

she never really knew exactly what there was to do,

some how no one could ever see this girl cut herself,

no one knew the true feelings that she felt,

she had great pain in her soul,

somehow she thought this was her role,

all she needed was a little help to heal,

but now she is under ground with a tight seal,

she cant but to be six feet under,

now her dark life is nothing...but over

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