04.05am Revelation

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As a lay awake in bed not having much sleep, a revelation filled my head and wrote it down

Submitted: May 22, 2008

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Submitted: May 22, 2008



I lay here awake, tired, eyes wide open
Clock reads 4.05, First time I contemplate Life
Notice outside ray of light peering through
Sunrise is there but how and from who?
I take a deep breath think of all that exists
Forget all in life that's has gone to piss
What's the bigger picture I start to think
Could it all end one day as quick as a blink.
Prospect is scary, but amazed, I am sure
My mind is so busy first time its been pure
I think of the people I have yet to meet
They all have their own lives all wear their own feet
What is our reason I ask but unfortunately don’t know

Fact we're alive, what matters, where you go!

For what you see may define the greater things that you do

Inspirations around us within me, within you
Deaths round each corner, do we do or do we die?
I’ve made my mind up, I won’t life fly.
Life is worth living, there’s no doubt of that
Though I’d love all the answers, would be a chat
Importance is love though, relationships, friends
Yes career gets you money and maybe a Benz
But by laying here eyes open at ten past four
I can say that I’ve learn that in life there is more
This poems a reminder to me, maybe you
Life is only lived once, its unique should be fun
To learn all life’s value just look up at the sun
Think of Space, Think of Earth and of Moon
Think of People, Animals and your favourite tune
Think of Orbit, Gravity, Sea and of Land
Think of sex, think of air maybe look at you hand
Life is a miracle a phenomena in place
A lot keeps us living in relation to space.
Tonight a revelation has filled up my head
When I wake in the morning and get out of bed
I will start my journey to find who I love
Who will understand life’s values, what I speak of
One day I hope it happens for you too whoever you are
Cos life is a gift, point is we are the stars.

It is truly a miracle that we are here

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