Beauty is in the eyes of those who choose to notice

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A bored evening at work, led to me picking up my pen and bearing the thoughts buried deep in the chasm of my mind. Envititabily poetry happened as I lay in a garden and noticed all that life bared.

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



Moon fights the sun as it bears its first light

Colour emerges as day comes from night

The day starts and nature's touch become endless to see

I sit back and notice what forms around me

Start of a Chorus from the birds as they sing

Morning dew soaks the place, moisture signifies spring 

Aroma of Rose is around me, flowers burst from their buds

Long worm sucumed, is stuck, squirming with bliss through the mud

Elder cat ponders the tall fence beyond

Purples lillies daze as they sail on the pond

Intrigued I delve further, venture deeper in

Flower bed is gleaming, such colour makes me grin

The plants are all new flower and lacking weed

As buds becoming growing they disperse the next seed

There's a Delicate glisten from of lady spiders new web

and Frog thats be Hopping after spawn Frog has ebbed

Army of ants stomp the soil in the ground

Burnt eye black mole buries down from his mound

From Ground my eyes bear to sky, they  ventures upward, see's what's up high

The sky's turned blue, no clouds in suns way

Birds leave there nest, in search for their prey

shimmering tree branch contorts in breath of wind

Fence poles have Ivy , stems intertwine

Some reason times fading

This world is sublime

I viewing Lifes's garden, it's beauty on show

Shame this dream will end, mentally go

These words confide the feelings within

Somehow experience has grown me new skin

As I bear back to reality there is one thing I've learnt

Society's flaunted with beauty, culture and we weren't

My Workplace is swarming with strangers unknown

This writen piece I know most won't condone

Humanity is stubborn, teased by temptation and sex

Take what we have for granted, under a hex

Nature's important, gifted, has grace

Makes us feel special gives meaning to place

Beauty is outthere, unappreciated, few fans

Though nature ain't broken, just understated by man

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