Death through the eye's of a 12 year old boy

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The emotions surrounding my Grans death sparked many emotions and me an was the first time I was inspired to write down my feelings on paper. Subsequently the series of poems in this article has much meaning in the adaptation of my writing. It may not be the most intrisic of material, but even so it bears much importance to me and how I've adapted in life from this time in my life

Submitted: May 22, 2008

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Submitted: May 22, 2008



You came, you went, though the love remains,

memories live on inside with you within our hearts and minds

there you'll stat a part of us and stay to till the rest of time

We cried of your passing, went through so much hurting

but it helps of the place you have gone

Reunited with loved ones you once new in this life watching over us for evermore

Life is hard without you, there is no doubt of that 

I'll think of you everyday till the day we meet once again

Life is tainted by death

Emotions yield over your last breath

We know its fait but no easier to take

An emptiness created beyond our control

Sadness consumes every crevasse within

Mental picture of you is scarred in my head

Somewhere, somehow, I know your with me

holding my hand cross the journey I take

Tears well inside but they do not break

I think I don't cry for you don't want me too.

Your funeral I cried for the first time on you

That deep sense inside was lifted somehow

I wish upon you wereever you've gone

All the good wills in this world

sincerely from the heart of your darling grandson

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