Words are the key telling lifes true meaning

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How vocabulary can defunct meaning so quickly but poses the emotions and feelings we gain through the experiences of life.

Submitted: May 22, 2008

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Submitted: May 22, 2008



To stand on a cliff with no risk of fall

To be so thin but not so tall

To have a life but have no time

To own a house that is not mine

To eat a fish though lacking chips

To walk about but have no hips

To have different gender but no sense of sex

To own lots of money but no friends in the mist

To be forced to breath but devoid of air

To be a bald man but own lots of hair

To own a nice smile though have no teeth

To walk through a wood, but dead is the heath

To sit in the darkness with no form of light

To go through a day that doesn’t have night

To gain a career but still lack the drive

To live like a bee, but miss on the hive

To own a great gift but missing the talent

To trot like a horse but not be so gallant

To own a car with no road to travel

To watch a mystery that doesn’t unravel



Life’s meanings are endless, vocabulary construes

Words, feelings, emotions around us are no way a rouse

Love, hate, good, bad they all play a role

In the bigger picture ,the miracle, that is our world

Our purpose is unknown but fact is we live

Point is to use it, else what do you give?

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