Russia's big mistake!!

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this story might seem like the movie red dawn but not in Colorado. its in Washington. please dont hate on spelling and crap like that.

Submitted: June 26, 2011

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Submitted: June 26, 2011



2016 4th of July location: key peninsula, WA It was the being of my first fourth of July with beer and all the great fireworks i wanted as a teenager. My friends and i got together at my new house in the depths of the KP. (back story on my crib) it was a normal size house on two point five acres of farm land and woods. i have a small shed that has a bunker underneath just for my collection of old and brand new weapons. they range from an old m1 grand to the newest military issued handgun, rifle, and SAW. the party was going great i have old friends and friends from the D.C trip i made when i was 16, 2011. we talked and ate until the sunset. then that's when the fun started with most of us drunk or close to getting there. we started some small stuff til we got bored of bottle rockets, firecrackers, and Saturn missiles. we broke in to the mortars, roman candles, and anything else you could think of. little did we know that that night was going to be the last night of freedom for awhile.what we did know was or peace with Russia and Cuba was becoming a fine line so fine we would often take giant leaps over it. earlier this year Obama made the mistake of talking and not stop talking during the Russian national anthem at the Olympics in Moscow. this pissed the Brits off back in 2011. how do you think the fuckin Russians felt. they got pissed and broke all trade, and any other relations with the US that we had. that means secret and public. with what we knew my buddies and i got scared. just enough to wounder the woods all over Pierce county. we knew those woods so well i could tell you how to get from point A to point B without touching pavement. this all came in handy on the 4th of july when ALL radio stations were at a state of emergency from Alaska to Washington. the Russians were INVADING. those words keep playing back and back in my skull until we herd jets scream above us. thats when shit got real man. i ran for the shed, with my pals close behind.

"what are we gonna do man!!" Jared was askin in a scared voice.

"prepare." i calmly replied

"prepare! prepare for what Tim?" Julian yelled.

"WAR damnit. we saw comin right away when Obama wouldent say he was sorry."

"oh shit you dont mean..."

"yes the Russians are going to fuck us up man. we gotta prepare for WAR." i said for the last time.

we got to the bunker and i started to gear up. When an flame from the past asked what we were doin and what the hell was goin on. i told Jared to explane. when we, Jared, Julian, Stewart, and I, got geared up we moved everyone that didn't fight with us to Joint Base Lewis Mcchord to be evac to a safer zone. the entire west coast was under US military control. which meant anybody that couldent and wouldent fight would be airlifted out of there to Europe or the East coast. but me and 24 other men and women stayed to protect or little strip of land. we got permission from the US army to operate as a guerrilla group that would be a part of the army, and paid life the US army also we even got ranks. i was given captain, Jared was given seconded lieutenant, Julian got command sergeant major, and Stuart got sergeant first class, everyone else was given either Private or corporal.

last week the Russains landed on the beaches of Washington. our forces did the best they could but those tough sons of bitches keep pressing on. right now the army and marines are regrouping for a counter attack to drive them back to the pacific. yet me and my men dont think this is gonna work. see we just got down going on a recon mission of the area and found the hundreds of tanks and hundreds of armoured cars they have. what made things worse is the have one giant minefield runing in front of their base of operations.

later that day i got a call from my CO he told me that there is a big push coming and he wanted my men to blow some key fuel, and supply depots in our area which would give us the upper hand in the push. i told him we can do it.

Enroute to our objective we came across a heavy patrol- the russians had sent out death squads i to kill us we only lost five men to them but the men that attacked us never made it back- as we aproched the enemy we noticed they had a .50 cal sniper squad with them.

"Jared they got one of those new .50 cal sniper rifles. You think we should avoid them or try and take them out?" i calmly yet asked with a scared slur in my speech.

"I think we should hit the snipers hard and fast while we slowly take the others out. how we do these is we send some men up a little way and have them take pot shots at the ruskies while we get in to postion." Jared explaned this while he sipped from his canteen. "When we get in to postion we pop the snipers and hurl a couple of frags in there. deal?"

"deal bro. Alright i need two voulenteers? anyone."

"I'll go." Julien steped up with his rifle on his hip.

"Alright. I need one more body."

After thirty seconds i finally told a private to gear up and that he would be going with the sergeant. When they left they opened up a can of whoopass on them. after they got to their spot the russian commander had the sniper try and take the two boys out. as the snipers moved out in to the view of my rifle he fired one .50 cal boat tailed bullet and it hit its masters mark after that i opened up with the PIG, the rest of the men opened up and tossed frags. when the dust cleared i saw all of the russians dead. All i thought was who did that bullet hit. We moved to the dead man upon arrivel we saw that the bullet hit the neck and seperated the head from the persons neck and with blood squrting out of the neck and food pouring out from the throat I saw that my friend from high school was dead.

We looked in disbelief at what happened but i had to remind my men that we had a job to do. the fuel depots were located near the costco and the supply depots, were not where we hoped and prayed they would be, were not any land based target but Mistralclass amphibious assault ships. the russians had seven anchored outside of the harbor. they may be small but they can carry 450 troops, 10 battle tanks, or 12 BTRs. along with 10alligator class landing ships which can carry 1,750 tons of goods, 425 troops, 20 battle tanks, and 40 AFVs. now not all of the shipd carried the same number and same type of load. there were ships with provisions, fuel, ammo, and men lots of men.

the hard part of the mission is to take out the cargo ships the easy part is to take out the fuel depot. we wanted to capture the fuel depot because it could help us and the military out. we had to device a plan before any patrols found the remnints of their friends.

after hours of throwing ideas out at each other we desided that we would make it look like some was destroying their fleet while we take the fuel depot. we went to every person with a truck and told them to wait by the fuel depot for our signul. now to take out the ships we stole some fishing boats and rigged them with large amounts of C4, gun powder, fuel, and household chemicals. these fishing ships turned into large fire ships that were about to complete their duty. i radioed to my men around costco to take out the comms and start their attack. while i steered three fire ships into the middle of the armada. i didnt espect it to work but my spys got the right ships to target. i made sure i hit the three carrying the most ammo and fuel. hoping to start a chain reaction it worked. i made it out alive on a small speed boat i had following me.

my boys at costco radioed me that they were victorious and that they got off with just about every bullet, rifle, and barrel of fuel. we made sure we got what we needed while everything else went back to the regular army.

We stoped back at our fallen comrads body and took it back to our hideout i callled HQ and let them know what had happened they were overjoyed and told me that i would be reinforced with a special forces team to try and replace the five KIA and the 10 WIA. The men and I went out to the graveyard, where the men that servend under me lay, we dug a nice six foot deep hole, and started the ritual that we all dread. First we put the young man in a coffin, built by the dead man, next we said something about the person that we found to be fitting, and lastly we placed the man in the spot that he will never leave.

after the heartfelt words were done being said my aid ran up with a message from the old man (the CO) that said he has reports of civillens about to be over run by the enemy.

"JARED, DAVID,KEYLAND" i yelled "i got a special mission for us. we need to grab some more people near the port orchard air strip along with a SF team thats being droped in by MC-130 so we need to secure the airport, grab the people, and get out alive. this will be just us and our GMVs."

"okay who are we picking up?" david questioned

Not complete but give me feedback and what i can add into it.

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