The Legend Of Spyro: Alpha Squadron's Last Stand

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It Is A Report of The Legend Of Spyro: Alpha Squadron's Final Stand!

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



In This Life You Wouldn't even Believe what is in store for all of us as we are part of this world, but This is an era which we Though That dragons weren't real......
Or Are They?

In an action packed adventure We learn of Two Dragons ,who stumble into our world by accident with 6 Other Dragons. Who are They? WhereDid They Come From? Why did they Even come Here? The Better Question is: How?
Maybe From a distant Planet we don't know of.
Whatever it is, they are here to protect us...
Protect us from Evil and Now We Join The Fight!
They are Dragons, The Legendary Spyro, and The Black Dragon Cynder.

They Arrive with 6 others, Frost the Ice Guardian, Blaze the Fire Guardian, Quake the Earth Guardian, Thunder the Electric Guardian, Eclipse the Shadow Guardian, And Last But Not Least: Nova the Solar Guardian of Light. They are of an Elite Grouop of Dragons Called Alpha Squadron. They are here, because we are at and end and we are in Danger.

Malefor is still Alive!
Can Spyro and Cynder , the Rest Of Alpha Squadron Put an End To Malefor's Growing Power or will we all die and be no more?
This Victory will Mark the End To Malefor's Reign of Terror and Darkness.

Alpha squadron is Counting on all of us to finish him off for good?

Are you Ready for What could be the end or Are you Ready to stand a fight?

Join on an Epic Quest for the fight for humanity.

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The Legend Of Spyro: Alpha Squadron's Last Stand

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