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It is a short story that shows the how common and imprtant choices are.......

Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



It happened to be for the last time that I was very sick. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Cancer IIIrd stage. It was probably my last day on earth, because the next day (assuming), I found myself standing outside the entrance of a beautiful place. I had no clue how I reached there. The place was entitled ‘Heaven’, which I could read after rubbing my eyes for more than four times since I did not have my spectacles (I had no clue where they were). Then I realised that I had left Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan far behind, and was here to meet Rajesh Khanna and Om Puri.

I rang the doorbell and waited impatiently. After a few moments, a voice came from inside, “Welcome to heaven! Give anything that is very dear to you to the fairy standing outside to get a permanent membership.” I gave the fairy a coin which my grandfather had given to me when I was a young boy. I got the Platinum Card. I entered. Ever since I was a child, I always had a question in mind.

My grandfather always used to tell me that the Almighty is the author of all our lives, and all that we do is predestined and cannot be changed. On that note, I would ask him, “Dadaji, then why do we wish?” he never had an answer for this question. Throughout my life, I had realised one thing – whenever I was headed to do something, I always had choices. Many a times before my mathematics exams, I would tell to myself, “I wish this 2sinA + 2cosA minimum value finding does not come. It’s way too lengthy.” Luckily, it never came in the exams.

“Today is the day,” I thought, “to clear all my doubts.” Overexcited, I ran to the nearest watch fairy and asked her the address of God. She replied, “Go straight. There you will find a large mountain. Go to the peak of the mountain. There, you will find a small cottage on the entrance of which you will find a signboard where it is written God. Beware of the mansions around to be his house, because they are the houses of all his ministers, and disturbing them will not be good.”

“Ok!” I replied, “thank you”

I began my journey towards God’s cottage. I was very excited. Although, the way leading to His house was not so easy, my complete determination gave me a different kind of power and enthusiasm.

Then came the confusing bifurcation.

There was a signboard on the edge of the two roads. One with God written on it pointed towards a big mansion, whereas the board with ministers written on it pointed towards some old cottages.

“How is this possible? The fairy had told that God lived in a small cottage and his ministers in big mansions. What do I do now? Do people lie in heaven also? This is what God has for the dead?”

I stood there for a few minutes to decide what to do. Then I tried to recall what the fairy had said – ‘Beware of the mansions around to be his house, because they are the houses of all his ministers, and disturbing them will not be good.’

At last I decided to follow what the fairy had said and began my trip towards the cottage. However the cottage seemed to be somewhere nearby, the road to the cottage was not easy. Inspite of all the hardships, I reached the signboard that read ‘God’ on it.

When I rang the doorbell, a voice came from inside the cottage – “Pick up the stone you see in front of you and throw it in the pond on the left. I did as directed. After a few seconds, a fairy came out of the pond with a beautiful stone that seemed to be made of gold. “Is this your stone?” she asked.

“No” I replied.

The doors of the cottage opened immediately and I saw God for the first time. He was a million times beautiful and peace giving than I had heard.

“I heard from the watch fairies that you were very eager to meet me. You probably have something very important to ask. Come in. Have some water and then we’ll talk.”

I don’t know if it was actually water or not, but it was very soothing at that moment of time.

“I have heard that you are the author of all our lives, and our lives are predestined. Then, why do we wish?”

 “Your grandfather had come with the same question to me, but I did not answer. It’s you who asked this question, and it is you who deserve to listen to the answer.”

“If you think for a while, then you will realise that there is only one difference between you and a robot my son – you have a brain to think, to make decisions till the last moment, to get the best result; a robot does not. It is true that I am the author of everyone’s lives. I am writing your child’s life story now. If you want to see, you may, that most of the paragraphs of this story end with the phrase – ‘And then you may do it as you wish to.’ I always give you two or three choices regarding any decision. However, it is you who need to judge the situation and make the best choice. This is the ultimate truth of life, and if you accept it with peace, you are the perfect member of this paradise, named Heaven.”

Name: Tanmay Purwar

© Copyright 2019 tanmay purwar. All rights reserved.

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