Eyes Of the Mage

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Mira is a young girl studying to be a mage. she meets an interesting and unusual friend along the way.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Mira Whalen is a young student at the School of Enchanted Magi.  She is trying to

make her parents proud. Her mother was the most accomplished witch of her class. Her

father was also an accomplished mage.

So far, she had not managed to make any one proud, least of all herself. Her classes

Mira's classes were hard for her.  The teachers would shake their head when she tried the simplest of

tasks.  The other students laughed at her.  She was considered the school klutz.

Mira befriended a young woman named Margery.  She was very skilled, every

thing she undertook she handled with ease.

As the school year continued, Mira learned what not to do when using her wand.

She learned what not to do when casting a spell.  She sincerely wished she could learn

what to do properly.

One afternoon in late fall Mira was to meet her friend Margery after school.

Mira had suspected that Margery was not what she seemed, Mira was determined to

find out.

Margery didn’t appear, Mira went to look for her.  She thought she saw a glimpse

of the other girl.  She instinctively slowed to follow her.  Mira was tempted to call to her friend

However something held her back.


She followed Margery who was standing outside a cave which was blocked

by massive rocks. 

Mira watched in shock when Margery raised her hand and intoned

“ By my command heeds be

  open before me.”

The rocks trembled then moved aside.  Margery entered the cave.

After a moment Mira followed.

The cavern was dark suddenly, Mira ran into Margery a witch light blazed

to life. 

“What’re you doing here” asked Margery.

“I followed you,” Replied Mira. “What is going on?”

Margery hesitated. “You will see.  Follow me”.

The girls walked quickly, into the tunnel.

“I am looking for something” Margery explained.  “You are correct I am not a

student. You should trust yourself a bit more”.

Mira looked at her friend closely.  She then trusted her instincts.

Margery said “I knew you were following me.”

The girls walked into a large cavern.  On a pedestal of stone stood a large

ruby. With Mira looking on expectantly, Margery lifted her hand and said in a

bell like tone; “Come with me,

Bond to thee.

Let the fire inside you

Be combined to me.

Such as we are shall come to be.

There was silence Margery shook her head “Mira, say what I said”.

Mira did as asked, suddenly, Margery stiffened beside her. 

Her body began to ripple and change, her face elongated.  She grew wings on

her back, her skin glowed bright red. She body grew scales then feathers of

iridescent colors.  Suddenly, a silver dragon stood where a girl had been.

“You are a dragon,” Mira gasped.

“Yes, child. This stone belongs to me.  It was stolen from me many years

ago by an evil sorcerer. It is my heart.”



Margery paused then continued, “Come I will take you back to the school.”

Mira followed her then asked the question she dreaded “why did you

befriend me. Just to get the stone”

“No,” Margery replied.  “I thought you could use a friend.  I also needed an

Untested mage to work the spell.”

“What happened to the mage” Mira asked a bit later.

“Do you really want to know?” Margery asked in a silvery tone.

“No,” Mira answered.  “That is okay”.

At the school gate Margery stopped then said, ‘It has been nice knowing you

I have a gift for you.”

Margery gave her two aquamarines. As Mira stared at them a strange thing happened

her eyes absorbed the stones. Suddenly she could see the magic that evaded her for so long.

Mira promised to never tell what had taken place.

Margery spread her wings, caught a current and flew into the dark night sky.

When no one remembered Margery, Mira never did forget her.  Over the next two years Mira

excelled in her studies, her teachers and other students were amazed at this change

How did you do this, asked her favorite instructor?

Mira answered “with help from the heart of a dragon and the eyes of a mage.




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