The Creepy Willow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Descriptive writing in a spooky kind of wood setting wondering aimlessly through for a life changing event would the character make it out alive or meet her internal darkness find out.

The moon glowed like a firefly up high in the sky covered with a sheet of fog. An archway of branches and dried up leaves open up a rocky broken up pathway surrounded by a sea of brown and orange dried up leaves. Old and decrepit trunks reach up trying to grab the sky jewel with their witch like fingers.

Stumbling over stones and broken branches venturing deeper into the misty darkness. With every step an earth-shaking crack fills the silence adding a strike of fear into my heart. A pungent stench of rotting leaves and vegetation lingers with the wind, which mingled with the shuttle hint of moss on the boulders. The eerie silence filled the air with only but the sound of the wind crying through the twisted trees.

Have you ever had that feeling you are being watched? Even though I was all alone something or someone were lurking behind the rotting trees or inside dyeing bushes. Silence covers the land with faint snapping sounds trailing behind me. Every so often a bird was frantically flapping its wings high up on the tree tops followed by a hissing noise stroking about but all is left nothing but untouched land. Am I being followed or is it just my imagination playing a joke with the atmosphere.

In the distance, a shadowy figure lingered behind the twisted trees, motionless. Slowly approaching the figure, deciding whether to turn back or confront them. The closer I got, the more my heart raced. Finally reaching the tree, the figure was hidden behind, a terrifying scream lashed out as I stood before it.

With my eyes closed tight, the sound of wings brushed by my ears. Slowly opening my eyes, one after the other, I saw that the shadowy figure, was a mossy, rusty looking statue, which appeared to have a crow perched on its head, glaring down towards me. I started to examine the statue. Its facial expression seemed to have had a look of terror, with the moss it was hard to tell. The stance it had, seemed like it was trying to run away from something.

As I examined it, my eyes stopped at its hands, clasped around what seemed to be a wooden bowl. Curiosity began to strike my train of thought, and I leaned over to try and get a glimpse of what was inside. A scent of rotten flesh climbed its way up to my nostrils, and a sparkle of red substance lurked around the inside of the bowl. Looking deeper in, I caught a glimpse of an eye flouting in the substance.

Continuing on quickly from the creepy statue, I ended up catching sight of something in the corner of my eye, which looked to be like some type of an abandoned shack. Stopping dead in my tracks, I glared towards the creepy looking shack, and just like back at the statue, curiosity stuck, so I began to tread towards it. The closer I got the more detail I saw. The shack seemed to be made of wood, painted a mustard-yellow with blood-red out lines.

Hiding behind a rotten tree, not too far away, I noticed that the sign had the words ‘bang gang’ painted on, in yellow and red, in the big bold lettering. Underneath the sign was what seemed to be a massive square hole, with a ledge big enough to rest on. Trying to peak through, I managed to capture a glimpse of what looked to be a bunch of targets.

Craving a better look I hesitantly tip toed towards the door, but stopped to see a rusted looking chain, with patches of blood, hatched onto the rotting, wooden door. Heading to the hole instead, I just managed to pear over the ledge to see gloomy darkness, with a ghostly aura aloominating the atmosphere. Decrepit targets decorated the back wall, while sinister, rusting rifles hung on the sidewalls, with creaking blood-red chains.

After having a long hard examination I decided to trot on past. As the sun started to set a gleam of light managed to sparkle through the leaves like a tribe of fairies. I managed to make out what must have been a shed for workers or something, as the light was distracting me. So as usual I badly wanted to look since I couldn’t look in the shack properly. Unfortunately, an obstacle stood in my way.

Finding myself on the edge of a cliff. I took the liberty to examine my surroundings to try and find a way down. After a few minutes I finally realised a tree underneath the ledge close enough to climb onto, the branches made it seem easy to get to the bottom. Taking a deep breath, I crouched down onto my knees but the ledge collapsed, causing me to fall, hitting branches on the way down. Till finally collapsing flat onto the dust filled ground. Falling into darkness…

Pain ran through my body. What was happening? Stumbling to my feet, seeing nothing but shadows, I began to drag myself into the direction I thought the shed might be in. Not knowing where I was heading, I kept on moving forward. My head killing, with my eyes all confused and all I could think of was, I have to keep moving forward, whichever way that was. After stumbling into trees, for god knows how long, I managed to gain my sight back and, it had seemed the sun had completely vanished, replaced by the moon, which above the trees looked like a sapphire gem.

After a short while I realised I was standing right in front of the shed. The orange looking paint seemed to be pealing from the wooden planks. There didn’t seem to be any windows, only but a door with a rusty looking key. I decided to reach out for the key to investigate the inside.

My heart racing, I held my breath and to my surprise, it opened with ease. Curiously stepping inside, a feeling of terror flew over my trembling body. Turning round on the ball of my feet, the door slammed shut with a tremendously strong breeze. I was plunged into darkness. Suddenly, the sound of the door being locked rung through my ears, followed by a rumble from the flooring. Soon after I realised the floor was moving apart, with nowhere to go or anything to grasp onto. I dropped with a breath taking force to my demise.

Submitted: June 03, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Phantomhyne. All rights reserved.

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