Lonely Spirits

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Submitted: October 17, 2018

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Submitted: October 17, 2018



Lonely Spirits

I entered a strange house,

Standing infront a ghost,

Granting three wishes,

Thought a genie is here,

I granted my first wish,

To go home.


I went home,

But my family was murdered,

I ran away to save them,

Then the spirit asked for second,

I asked to save my family,

It smiled,

And bought them to life,

But were living zombies,

Trying to kill and eat me,

The spirit asked for a third,

I said no wishes.


The spirit got angry,

Took me to a haunted mansion,

Tied my body and eyes,

Took my eyes,

And one hand of mine,

I screamed,

For blood spilled the floor,

In extruciating pain,

I made my third wish,

To destroy the spirit itself,

The wish was granted,

And I was awake in my room,

Thinking as a nightmare,

Went down,

And learned a lesson,

Never make wishes to a spirit or an angel.

The end

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