Avenging Geisha

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The previous year a terrible deed was done. This year an avenging geisha takes her revenge.

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



Leanne smiled. Everything was ready for the next customer. She had arranged it so that no one knew she was going to be the masseuse for the next session. Leanne has been waiting for this day for a year now. Had everything prepared in her mind to the last detail. Nothing was going to ruin this day.

She went to look in the mirror. For the occasion, she had dressed as a geisha. Straightening her black wig, she examined her flawless makeup. At last she looked at her eyes. And could hardly recognize herself. The light that shone in her eyes had a sort of maniacal gleam to it. Hurriedly looking away, she turned to survey the clean room. She had scrubbed and sterilised everything. Taking a deep breath, she went to stand near the bed to wait for the man, smiling to herself.

David came through the door ten minutes later. He was a good looking guy, blond, tall and the shirt and jeans he wore emphasized his muscular body. Leanne waited until he took his time looking around the room, noticing the perfumed candles on the cabinets. He looked pleased with what he saw. When he looked at her, he took in her attire and his eyes darkened with desire. She smiled sweetly and bowed slowly. David walked slowly up to her.

Leanne gestured towards the changing screen and handed him the towel. Smiling at her, he went around to take off his clothes, while she went to arrange the oils. When he came out with just a towel around his waist, Leanne gestured for him to lie down on the massage table. There seemed to be no room for words inside this room, with the seductive air around them. His muscles rippled while he positioned his big sexy body face down on the table.Warming her hands, Leanne started kneading his skin gently, gradually increasing the pressure. She kept stroking from his shoulders to his toes, feeling the tension drain out of him and a moan escape through his beautiful full shaped lips.

After half an hour she gestured for him to turn on his back. When he did, she could see he was aroused, the towel could barely conceal his hard erection. Leanne smiled sweetly. She started massaging the front of his body, while he watched her through passion filled eyes. Tantalizingly she stroked his inner thighs, letting her fingers graze his testicles. He shuddered. Looking at him, she reached under the bed for the two pairs of cuff links she hid earlier and looked at him questioningly and with a mischievous glint in her eyes. His smile grew wider, and joined his wrists together. Taking his hands, she hand cuffs his hands securely above his head. Caressing his body with her hand, she slides down his body lenght to secure his feet with the other pair of hand cuffs. Moving slowly she bends down to trace his lips with her tongue, while she grabs a mouth gag and with her eyes questioned him if he minded. He smiled and nodded. He was game for everything. She fastened the gag to his mouth, and only then did she let her brain remember what happened last year.

While her lips teased the tight erect nipples, her mind thought back to that day, when the telephone rang and Claire asking her incoherently to go pick her from the park. Leanne could hardly understand her cousin, so she agreed to go get her from the park. Biting his nipples playfully, she licked her way to his navel. David was writhing in pleasure beneath her tongue. Reaching his navel, she dipped her wet tongue in it and thought how she found her cousin Claire.

Leanne had called out her cousin`s name but was not expecting the sight that met her eyes when Claire had stepped out from the shadows. Her clothes were torn, her face bruised and battered. Blood was running down the inside of her thighs. Tears streaming down her face, her sobbing shaking her whole body. Leanne stood shocked, then she ran to hug her cousin asking what happened. One word came out of her mouth through her chattering teeth. Raped.

Softly Leanne blew in David`s navel again and looked at him from under her lashes, while her hand gripped the towel. With one sure movement the towel ended on the floor and David was left fully exposed to her gaze. Continuing her tongue exploration, she focused on David`s inner thighs, licking and biting the soft skin gently.. Going around his hard shaft, never touching him there, teasing him until he lost his mind and began to thrust his hips. Reaching for her oils, she started to massage the trail her tongue had made, carefully covering all her saliva with the oils.

All the while recalling that night. The run to the hospital, the waiting while the doctors examined Claire. Then another shock when they told Leanne that her cousin needed an operation for internal damage. Another long wait during the operation. And afterwards the verdict from the doctors. Claire`s internal damage was bad, she could never have any children. Finally the pain in her eyes when they told her.

Leanne stared at David and her hand gripped his hard arousal. She bent forward all the while staring into his eyes and kissed the tip of his cock. For the third time, her hand reached under the bed, unsheathing a knife. Leanne straightened up still gripping his pulsing cock and showed him the shining blade in her other hand. His eyes stared at the knife, first with confusion then fear replaced the passion of a few minutes ago. He struggled against the cuffs, trying to break them, his bulging eyes going wild. Leanne looked at him and smiled sweetly. She lowered the knife and cut out his penis. Putting the dismembered organ in a tray, she left the room never looking back.

She put the penis in a garbage bag and sterilised the knife and tray. Taking off the geisha costume, she left the building and walked to a bridge, throwing the knife in the fast flowing river below. Grabbing the garbage bag with the penis inside, she threw it in the first rubbish skip she found. That is where it belonged. Smiling she made her way home.

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