The outsider!

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It`s about a girl who is bored with her life and wishes that her dreams come true.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



If someone asked me to describe myself in one word my answer would be swift and sure.


That's the only word that is perfect for me. From when i was small i never fit in this world. I was always the shy quiet girl in the corner. My so called friends tried to make small talk and fit me in their world with jokes but i used to just smile. I never had an answer for them, just a timid stretch of my mouth until they stopped bothering trying. It wasn't stupidity on my part that made me tongue tied. I just found what they talked about boring. I preferred to just let my imagination soar, it was a more fantastic world than the real world. A world full of fairies and aliens and all the other mythical creatures of the legends. Lots of times it was better to go in that world than to listen to my friends.

"Hey Rachel, do you know what Olivia did?"

"No what did she do this time?", Rachel asked eager to know the latest gossip or to belittle others.

Or they spoke about fashion.

"Did you want to see the new dress i bought?"

Everyday was the same.

Until i discovered books. What a marvellous world opened to my thirsty mind. From then on in school and through college i was always seen with some fantasy or mythological book in my hand. It alleviated the pain of not getting along with any one of my piers. But i couldn`t walk through life with a book in my hand.

Time has come for me to go to work. I found my first job when i was 23, as a secretary for a small company and thought that i might like the grown up business world better. But to my dismay nothing changed. For the first few months the joy of a new job and new people was exhilarating but my enthusiasm soon changed into a routine that became boring from day to day.

The people started repeating everyday the same things, like my school friends used to do. I would listen to an endless chatter about their dating, about gossip. Until one day, one girl i knew slightly better than the rest asked me to go with them to a club. Don`t know why i accepted, maybe to see what they did instead of hearing it. So i went with them to this club.

Music was good and while the girls i was with tried to entertain some men they seemed to like, i went to a small table with my drink and let my eyes roam around the club. Until my brown eyes met a pair of blue eyes staring straight at me. Blushing i lowered my gaze to the glass in my hand, when suddenly the tip of a pair of male shoes appeared in my sight. Glancing up i met the same blue eyes, closer now and very much laughing at my discomfort.

"Hello, i am Mark. Would you like another drink?" he asked and waited patiently, very much amused by my delayed answer.

"Oh...yes....sure thanks", i managed to stutter while i felt my face go into flames as blood rushed to my cheeks.

"And hello, my name is Denise".

Finally a coherent sentence. From then on it became easier and we began dating. Couldn`t really say life was perfect, but i was happy. After a year together we decided to cohabit. That`s when the dream began.

Like everything else the first few months were idyllic. But routine kicked in and day by day it became the same. I loved Mark but i wanted some more excitement maybe, then what we had.

Even a vacation some place near just to break the tedious routine would be nice. But work came before everything and he was submerged with work these days. So i had only one thing to look forward to. My recurring dream.

Was the same every night. I found myself near a lake with huge trees surrounding it. I could feel myself moving forward, although i couldn`t say if i was walking or floating but suddenly i find myself with the water reaching my waist. A melodious voice will then call my name softly.

"Denise", the voice would whisper seductively.

I recognize the voice as that of a man but as i look around me i see no one. It`s then that i realise the voice is speaking from under the water surface. Leaning forward, i put my head under the water and it`s there that i see a pair of dark eyes staring at me and hear the same voice closer to me repeating my name again.


And it`s at this point that i wake up every time.So frustrating. I`m never frightened by the dream nor bored just curious to know who that man is or what he wants. Also i can never recognize the place i`m in. Sighing i get out of bed and start preparing for my day at work. As usual Mark is already at work. I`m left alone to eat breakfast and start the tedious day awaiting me. Eager for it to end so i can come back to sleep, maybe i start the dream from where i left. Although it`s my everyday wish it never happens, always starts from the beginning to end like it always does and leaves me curious.

One day Mark came more buoyant than usual from work.

"What happened darling? Why the big grin?", i ask wonderingly.

He looks at me and smiles a dazzling smile.

"Your dream is going to come true."

"My dream?", i ask stupidly trying to figure out which one of my dreams that could be. I had so many. After some seconds i gave up and waited for him to enlighten me.

He comes round the table and hugs me tightly.

"We are going to Sweden. My company has some work to do there and they are sending me to represent them."

""Wow." Was all i managed to say. My eyes brightened. Finally something new to break the tedious days.

We started preparing for the journey, taking days off work and buying luggage and clothes for Sweden. We were going to be staying in Mora-Noret. A very beautiful place from the photographs on the Internet. I couldn`t wait for the day to come. Although Mark was going to be very busy. we still had some days for ourselves to enjoy the place and be romantic. And while he was working i was allowed to go out by myself, he joked, as long as i stayed away from vikings.

So the day arrived when we left Dayton to fly to Sweden. I was ecstatic. Couldn`t even sleep on the plane with all the excitement cursing through my veins. After a long airplane ride we finally arrived at the airport and had Mark`s company taxi take us to our hotel. We were dead tired and decided to remain in the hotel for today. Tomorrow Mark had a meeting so he had to be alert.

In the morning Mark left for the meeting and i went to a travel agency office to get some tickets to visit around. The air smelled so fresh and clean, free from smog. The sky was a brilliant blue although it was winter. The day passed by in a blur and when Mark came we went to explore around a bit together. He still had another day of meetings, so i told him that i was going to go explore near Siljan lake.

Morning came and i was more excited than yesterday to go visit around the lake. The day was again brilliant, with the hot sun warming the chilly air a little bit. I was wandering around gazing at how spectacular nature was when i stopped dead in my tracks. My breathing stopped. There in front of me was the place in my dream. Couldn`t move, my heart started beating crazily. My feet started to move forward without conscious thought. I realised i had arrived at the waters edge and stopped. My mind tried to rationalise but i couldn`t find any explanation convincing enough for me.

In my dream there was that masculine voice beckoning towards it, but all i could hear now was the birds chirping in the trees. And suddenly i wanted to hear that man`s voice. Wanted to know what he wanted from me. Taking my shoes off, i put them neatly near the edge and walked slowly forwards. The water nearly stopped my heart, it was so cold. Shivering i kept moving forward. At that moment i didn`t care that i had a life with a man i loved. Only cared to hear that man from under the water surface. Didn`t care about my life. I always felt i never belonged in this world and i wanted desperately to know if i belonged to that man that lived under the water surface. Stopping at waist level i took a deep breath and dived down.

Newspaper headline:


No one heard of Denise again

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