That Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When a simple girls falls for an amazing guy...what could possibly happen?
Read on to find out

The rain didn’t seem to stop… Hina Ayuzawa and I were stranded and we took shelter in the roof of a store. Little did I realize that I would end up in the street of Mizuki Ibiki’s house, the guy I had a crush on, although very blindly. The last time we met, almost a year ago, almost turned into a fight and that was the first time we met… I hadn’t seen him since and realized that I fell for him in our first meeting itself. He was the most aloof looking guy I have ever seen, with a bandana on his head and a grin on his face, just perfect.
My head was spinning when I realized I had fallen for him… although we met under pressure and a strange circumstance, it really didn’t seem to matter and I hadn’t realized until lately that I was in love with this unknown guy.
I had to tell someone about this wonderful feeling I had toward this guy, so I decided to tell a few of my friends. But my close friend, Temari Yuuhi, who was with me when we met, said, ‘’that was very obvious, I already knew that you liked him.’’ I argued that I had only come to know of it a week earlier, so she added, ‘’Last year when you met him, you couldn’t stop talking about him.’’ I contradicted her, ‘’I was talking about him because he seemed to annoy me at the time.’’ So she said, ‘’yes, you kept saying that he was annoying and rude....’’ I beamed brightly, thinking that she admitted defeat until,’’...which in your language means he’s cute, he’s cute.’’ My glow turned into a clear blush and I looked away, ‘’well, I didn’t know that I liked him then,’’ she sighed and said, ‘’well I did.’’ I quickly turned to her and said,’’ Why didn’t you tell me, then?’’ she looked out the window,’ I didn’t think you really liked him, like seriously.’’ And that made our conversation come to a halt.
When I told my other friends, they, knowing that I’m not a girly material, almost choked and didn’t believe what I said. Yet they had to accept that it was a fact, an established fact.
I knew that he didn’t know who I was or didn’t even realize that I exist, but, we became friends on a social networking website, silent friends, who never interacted in any way. So I wrote a letter, bearing all my feelings toward him and carried it with me always with the intention of never showing it the light of the day. I poured my heart out and edited it a few times and made it near perfect. I wanted it to be just like him, perfect…. 
It stayed in my bag, with me, always, even now, while we were stranded in his street. Hina-Chan was a close friend to him and so she suggested that we go to his house since the rain was increasing and seemed to flood the street. I told her that it was okay and we could wait till it stopped raining; she just stared at me trying to tell me that it was too obvious to get a better shelter, all in that one stare. I understood and slowly nodded. So, she called and asked him if we could crash in his place, she smiled and told me that he wasn’t home yet and would come in some time. I hesitated at first but then realized that I wouldn’t have to face him yet, I definitely wasn’t ready for that.
Shielding ourselves with our bags, we made our way to his house; it was very close, in fact. We stood outside and tried to remove the excess water; we heard someone with a very pleasant and warm voice saying, ’’oh! Hina-Chan, you’re dripping wet! Come inside and bring your friend too.’’ As soon as the introductions were made, the petite lady scurried off into what seemed to be a kitchen and called out. ‘’what would you like girls, tea or coffee?’’ she brought them out with little biscuits as neatly decorated as her home. We finished it in no time and she showed us Mizuki-Kun’s room. I trembled as I followed Hina-Chan into it, she looked around curiously and started laughing at his posters, they were all anime – the only thing that we had in common. As she wandered around the room in complete mockery of it, I sat on a chair, looking blankly ahead, coming to realize that I was actually in his room! Staring at his stuff…my eyes fell on his desk which was so neat that it looked like it had just been purchased, and I quickly remembered mine, crumpled paper all over and stationery scattered on it and I remembered the night I wrote my letter upon it, the way it made me feel made me smile so much and think about him… I looked at my bag, deciding whether I should do it or not.
I took it out of my bag and stared at it vacantly. I didn’t move as it got snatched from my hands by Hina-Chan and she was reading it like it was an examination paper, I struggled to take it from her but she screamed till I let her go, and succeeded in reading the whole thing, part by part.  I started at her face which gave no emotion and waited for a response. She came up to me, handed me the letter slowly and hugged me! I was in awe and asked her what was wrong. She said that that was the sweetest and most adorable thing she had ever read and she encouraged me to give him the letter. 
 I refused, plainly stating that it was never my intention to give it to him.  She grinned and said. “Then why do you have it with you at all times? Just so you can give it to him if ever you meet him, right? ‘’ My eyes widened, I realized my true intent, as simple as it was and looked away, she was right, but I didn’t want to accept it. 
I was still looking away when the door opened and a shadow appeared in the doorway, I turned as I heard Hina-Chan screamed out, “Hey! Mizuki –Kun!  You’re back! ‘’Our eyes met and my face turned hot, I knew that I was blushing so I came up to him, looked away and said, “I’m Kin Haruno, sorry to crash into your house, uninvited.” And I proffered my hand. I could feel him stare at me and it seemed that he was pondering over something, trying to think about the past.  He gave a quick glance at Hina-Chan, who was smiling, uncontrollably, and said “Hey, you’re that girl from last year! We met on Akado-Kun’s birthday right?”  He suddenly seemed serious and said, “I acted rude that time, I’m sorry”.  I was amazed and turned to him quickly,”You remember that?” He slowly nodded with a pleasing expression and I could feel my face become hotter.  I may have looked calm, but I was hyperventilating on the inside and seeing Hina-Chan stare at us with dreamy eyes, made it worse.
The rain didn’t seem to decrease and I realized that we were all dripping wet, the windows were closed and the room was humid. The vapor on the window pane was disturbed by drops of water and it made a pattern which was like the situation, weird.
He took a towel and put it around his shoulders.  My mouth was wide open and I turned away when he looked at me.  I was looking out of the window thinking about what had happened.
Hina-Chan had taken the letter which I had dropped when she hugged me, and slowly handed it to Mizuki-Kun. Staring at her, he read it and his eyes widened when he finished he looked at her.  She turned to me and back to him.  Observing his face, she nodded as a sign of trust.
I turned when I heard the door close and saw him with a paper in his hands.  We were the only two in the room, and I gasped as I realized that Hina-Chan had left us alone.
I felt like the room was closing in on me, as he moved towards me, cautiously.  It looked like he didn’t want to ruin the moment – that perfect moment.
I took a step back when I looked into his eyes; they were mystified, his hair dripping continuously onto the towel; he removed his sweater and tossed it carelessly, his pace hastened as I took my last step backward. 
His face was so close to mine and I was scared to breathe, I tried to look away, but his eyes made me a prisoner.  I tried to move away, but his arms were on either sides making escape impossible.  I looked down and he straightened a stray hair from my face and tucked it behind my ear. His warm breathe on my face made me blush even more. “Is this true?”  He asked, holding the letter and giving me some space, I shyly nodded and tried to look at his face, but I knew that I was too red and would become hotter if I did, so I said, “What do you think?  I can accept anything that you decide… and if you don’t accept, then you don’t have to feel guilty or anything and I won’t …’’ He stopped me with a kiss on my forehead as he held my face up to his. He grinned when he saw my relaxed face and held me close to his body, he was warmer now and so was I, and nothing seemed to matter now, the world would seemed happier and the rain continued to pour. I didn’t seem to have a worry in the world and my thoughts were directed to him.
I did not notice a knock on the door. Peeking into the room and looking at the tossed sweater, Hina-Chan screamed and frantically searched for the two people she had left alone in the room.  She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Mizuki in a corner and Kin wrapped in his arms, each in the same state of mind, it looked like a scene from a movie, Perfect.

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 TanYeah. All rights reserved.

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