The Castle of Doom

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Lexa is trying to get through the Castle of Doom when she is chased by a black widow and attacked by a human size wasp. Not to mention the Gonglon. Will she make it out of the castle and to her village?

Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013



Lexa begins to run from the black widow, trying to reach the bridge. A stone, hand made, handless, ready to break, narrow bridge hangs above an endless cavern; if you could see the ground.

She approches The High Chamber and come through the door way. 5 feet high and 3 feet wide, the spider couldn't get through. It shreiks and moans that it didn't get the meal she wanted. The beast, trys to squeeze but can't manage to get through. So, it retreats in shame. Lexa feels proud and holds her chin up high. Her flashlight begins to flicker and go out, but she spins around and finds the bridge. A bright light shines down on the grey bridge. Lexa shuts her flashlight off and before the light went out, she spots a spear, gliding her way.

She jumps to the side and looks around for what through it. Then she picks it out. In the sky, flies a enemy Wasp. Out of the cold, dark, shadows, another spear glids her way. She falls on her back and realized that Stride, the General Moth Warrior, gave her The Black Wings.

She unleashes them, using them as a sheild. She flings them forward and covers herself. Another spear bounces off the wings and a great force lands on them. The stinger penetrates the wings and barely missing her by a hair length. Dripped in toxin, the stinger is pulled back out and Lexa knows this is her chance. She opens the wings, throwing the Wasp at the marble pillars.

She takes off running to the bridge when the she hears a cracking noise. She looks and realizes that the gorund she stands on is Sahean Gravel. That is the very thin ground that shatters with too much weight; letting whatever broke it fall to their death.

Lexa walks with supreme caution, to make sure the ground doesn't break. When, she falls forward and her face is slammed on the sharp gravel. Cutting it, making her bleed. She swings her eyes at her back and see the Wasp ready to sting her. She began to try and break the gorund by kicking it. "Haha," says the Wasp. "You're weak. You'll never break the ground. Haha." With one powerful move, the gorund crumbles.

Both of them fall. She notices on the Wasp's back, the wing is broken. He trys to fly, but he can't. His wings flutter but don't make him rise. Lexa grabs her wings and flaps them. She slowly begins to rise, but her feet become hot. She starts to sweat. Something was happening, and whatever it is, it has heat.

She gets to the top when a fire ball hits on of the wings. Tearing it off. She falls again, but grabs the ground. Lucky for her, the gorund didn't snap and fall. The sparks of the fire, land on her arm. It singes it, making it vesicate. A ear numbing roar comes and she is thrown in the arm. When she lands she tears the other wing off and finds herself in front of the bridge. Off the sahean.

She stands and freezes. For a Gonglon stands before her. 30 feet high, covered in fire and smoke, long claws as sharp as steel and a stabbing tongue. It storms the Underworld, feasting off corpse and tracking down other demons. It pulls out a long, black sword. It slashes down on Lexa, but she dives between its legs and takes off running across the bridge. 

Then the gorund shakes and Lexa knows that the Gonglon is comming for her. Now she kicks in the gears and is running faster. Not even half way there when the bridge in front of her crumbles. Then stops and so does the shaking. What is happening? Has the Gonglon died? Disapper? No, it turned having to face an army of Wasps.

Lexa grins and leaps across the bridge to strin ground. She gets a mouthful of dirt and wtches the Gonglon step on and cut in half Wasps. To her right is a flight of stairs that lead to the outside world. She get up and continues her journey. When she comes out of the castle, it is snowing. She stands on a hill, listening to the screams of war. Down the hill is her village. She takes off and when she gets to the ground, she falls to her knees.

Burned, destroyed, raided and dead bodies everywhere. One being her four-year-old sister . . .


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