Alice story

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it is a story of a girl who wished die for her little brother. alice thaought that her parents love her brother more than her.

Submitted: January 31, 2012

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Submitted: January 31, 2012



Alice story

It was unforgettable day for Alice when she wished death for her brother. Alice feels that her parents love her brother, John, more than her. There are many people, especially kids, do not know how important person is in their life until they lose him or her. In fact, Alice learned that even if she feels grudge and jealousy toward her brother, she will never wish die to him.


It was a cold night of December; the parents of Alice and John came in the room of the latters in order to make sure that they are sleeping and well covered. The parents noticed that Alice was well covered while john was half covered. Alice was not fully asleep and she watched all scene take place in front of her eyes, the parents covered John and kissed him in his front with affection, but they did not show any affection toward Alice who was waiting for her turn to be kissed such us. Alice badly disappointed as they neglected her.


After the parents went out from the room; Alice was fully grudgingly and jealous toward her brother, John, She thought that her parents love him more than her, so the latter wished her brother if he could dead or disappeared.


In a raining day, Alice was awakened by the screaming and yelling of people. She reached to see what is going on downstairs. Suddenly, Alice found her parents and neighbours gathering around her brother, who was covered by white shroud, yelling and crying. Alice wondered how fast her wish is came true, and at the same time she feels sorrow toward her brother.


Latter, Alice was sitting in the evening room watching her favourite TV show program, she remembered her brother John when he was watching with her the same program. Alice felt lonely; she did not find her brother, who was playing with her all the time, to play with him again.


Alice reached to her mother who was in the kitchen, and she puts her body against her and cried sadly” I miss him so much. Mummy! ”

“I miss him too. Honey! ” Alice’s mother replied sadly.

“Oh! my treasure! You do so as you brother does when you are in school. “Mother went on

“He was yelling all the time, where is my sister, I want my sister”


Alice was penitential toward what she did wish. Suddenly, Alice waked up lately by the buzzing of an electric alarm clock. The latter looked at her brother’s bed; unfortunately she did not found him. She reached to look for him downstairs.


When she was looking for him, she heard voices coming out of kitchen, Alice wonder what is in the kitchen. As she opened the door, she saw her parents, family, and their closer neighbours and friends smiling and singing “Happy birth day to you. Alice” while they are gazing on her. Suddenly, Alice saw her brother waving to her with happy smile on his face. Alice reached to him with tearing eyes, and she hugged him fiercely; and she kissed him on his front. All the presented, including the parents, looked at the sensual scene with wonder.


Alice learned that even if she saw her parents show some affection toward her brother that does not mean they love him more than her. In fact, she knew how life is cruel without her brother. 



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