Roses Have Faded

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I wrote this song a few years ago when my 1st girlfriend broke up with me. This is not a song it's a rap. If its in bold i'm singing.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Roses Have Faded



Roses, Roses, oh, oh, whoa T.O.E. drop da beat

(Verse 1)

Yea girl ya make me go insane

every time I think about UI lose my brain

always get along no need to complain

dis is my life dat I dont have to explain

U shot me like a bullet from a point black range

I am for real here u go take my heart

Im da only man who loved u from da start

end da end ur body is a thrill

body so hot u need an ice freeze chill

heart beatin so fast I cant stand still

girl cant get U out of my mind

ur so divine that words cant define

our lives ar intertwined like beauty n da beast

ya need a glass of roses to put me to sleep


Roses, Roses, Girl ur so divine that ur heart is made of roses

Roses, Roses, Baby yo stuck in my mind n I cant get over it

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