On the other side

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I heard the scream and I felt the impact but I'm not sure which came first. That's how it all started, one minute I was alive and then the next minute the car slammed into me and I was dying. It hurt a lot but it was quick so that was something, I guess. I thought that was the end of it but little did I know that was just the start.

Submitted: January 14, 2015

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Submitted: January 14, 2015



The night is the coldest it’s been in a long time I realise as I run out of the warmth and comfort of the house and into the street. “Alex! Come back please! I didn’t mean what I said! I’m sorry!” His words are meaningless now. The streetlights are a blur as I run faster and faster down the street not sure where to but just knowing I have to get away from him. It’s too much. He’s too much. I hear the scream and I feel the impact but I’m not sure which came first. It’s one of those searing pains, its shooting all up my body. Not an ache that starts off dull and creeps up on you until you realise you can’t breathe. No, this pain has skipped those steps. It gone straight to being unbearable and I quickly realise my breathing is fast and shallow. I should be panicking but I feel a strange sense of content wash over me as I lie in the middle of the road eyes shut tight. I want to open them but they feel heavy; like a ton of bricks are weighing me down. The blanket of darkness is getting thicker and heavier - now I start to panic. I’ve read stories about this, they make it seem peaceful and nice drifting off into unconsciousness like it’s a gentle feeling but it isn’t that at all. It’s terrifying. The blanket is suffocating me taking me into oblivion. I need air but it’s like a thick pool of tar that I can’t surface from. It’s no use, its exhausting trying to fight it...

The constant beep is what wakes me from the darkness; it’s there in my mind slowly driving me insane. The most annoying noise I have ever heard. Why won’t someone just switch it off? I try to open my mouth to shout at someone but it seems to be sealed shut. I try to move my body but it’s no use, try to open my eyes but it’s pointless. I can hear voices, distant and hazy. They sound concerned. No; that’s not the right word. Sad: yes they sound very, very sad. Someone’s died. I think that’s what they’re saying anyway. Yes, a man’s voice stronger and more affirmative. “She flat lined and we couldn’t revive her.” The Man’s voice rings clear and loud around my head. The darkness is once again creeping in and slowly I succumb to it.

My eyes are heavy but at least this time they slowly open, the light hits them immediately making me regret my choice of waking from my slumber. My immediate thought is confusion when I sit up in a bed that I know isn’t mine or Sam’s. I slowly open my eyes again squinting as I take in my surroundings and suddenly jerk awake when I see a man sitting in an over-stuffed arm chair across from the bed. He’s dressed in a smart suit and has to be in his mid-40’s. His hair is just starting to thin and I wonder if anyone’s told him that he’s got a gut that’s starting to show.

“Good morning Miss Greene.”  The man states with an impassive look giving nothing away as he watches me.

I stare at him with a quizzical expression, “who are you? Where am I?” I ask him; my voice is dry and raspy which I’m guessing is from being asleep for so long. How long has it been? I wonder as I watch the strange man gather his thoughts.

There’s a strange tension in the air as he watches me, “You’re safe Miss Greene, could you recall for me the last thing you remember?” He asks as he stands and walks over to a small porcelain sink in the corner and pours a glass of water. Slowly he walks back to me and I’m glad that he keeps his distance as he holds out the glass at arm’s length.

I wonder for a moment whether I should accept anything from this stranger considering I know nothing of who he is or where I am however in the end my thirst gets the better of me and my hand accepts his offer without asking it to. The water is cool as I press it to my lips and feel the welcome sensation of it drop down my throat like a waterfall. As I drink the cool blessing I keep my eyes on the odd man at all times as I note he never answered my question of who he is.

“Can you tell me the last thing you remember, Miss Greene? It’s important as to what happens next.” The Man asks his question to me again, his voice sounds more strained this time. He sounds like he has some awful news and is procrastinating telling me.

I think for a moment and it suddenly dawns on me that I have no memories. They’re there, I can feel them but it’s like they’re blocked; Like they’re forbidden to be seen. I realise now that I’m staring at the man with wide eyes, shock plastered all over my face.

“Where are all my memories?” My voice trembles just above a whisper.

The man gives me a sympathetic smile or is it apologetic? “Any memories at all Ma’am?” The man pushes gently.

I search my mind desperate to recall an event or a person, someone I might know and suddenly I realise I have one memory. “Sam...” I mutter to the man quietly as I still try to search for other memories.

I watch as the man noticeably tenses when I mention my boyfriend’s name. “Is something wrong?” I ask not knowing what else to say.

He ignores my questioning which I realise is starting to bug me, why won’t he tell me who he is? “Anything else you remember Miss?” He asks stiffly as I watch confusion and curiosity creep across his dark hazel eyes.

 My body is stock-still as I keep my eyes locked to his, frustration is starting to race through my veins lighting the embers of the fire in deep within my soul, “Should I?” I challenge him narrowing my eyes slightly.

The man sighs as he sits back down in the chair; he steels a glance at his watch checking the time and then looks back up at me. “I know you have many questions and you’re feeling very confused but it is not me who can give you the answers you seek.” His hand dives into his pocket and fishes out his blackberry. He presses a button and then holds it to his ear. “Yes Sir, awake...confused but yes...just like you said... it would appear so...do you think it’s her?...yes understood sir...we’ll be there in an hour.” He hangs up and I glance away blushing feeling guilty about listening to his side of the conversation. He said “we” does that include me? Where are we going?

The man stands up abruptly walks out of the door leaving me alone I wonder what’s happening. I can hear hushed voices outside the door and moments later he walks back in carrying some clothes. His face is sombre and his face has turned hard as he passes me the clothes. “Get changed, we’re leaving in five minutes.” He turns his back and I release a loud sigh as I slowly get up out of the bed. I’m surprised as I pull on the jeans and top that they fit me perfectly and they’re not half bad either. The jeans are dark washed skinny jeans that hug my legs perfectly, the top is a simple black t-shirt that is a little tight but it will do until I can get my hands on some other clothes.

I take a step toward him letting him know that he can turn around. I smile nervously at him glad that I see that his features in his face have softened again and in no time at all we’re walking towards the door.

I can feel my colour pale on my face as we walk down the endless corridor as I steal glances into the rooms on each side of me. Each room is identical to the one I was in with a bed in the centre occupied by a person sleeping and a man or woman watching over them. Where the hell am I? My mind wonders as we walk at a fast pace down the corridor. The man is walking a few paces in front of me and I nearly have to run to keep up. There’s a large door at the end which he holds open for me as I walk through and gasp.

The sun is bright and should be warming but it doesn’t seem to touch me. I look questioningly at the man but his face is impassive. “You don’t talk much do you?” I ask trying to make conversation as he leads me over to a brand new range rover sport.

“You ask many questions, Miss.” He states as he climbs into the driver’s seat and I clamber into the passenger seat. “Seat belt please, Miss.”

I strap on my seatbelt without argument as he pulls out into the traffic and drives twice the speed limit. I glance across at him with a shocked expression as I watch the speedometer increase as he accelerates. My eyes narrow when I see him smirk as he keeps his eyes on the road.

“Can you tell me where we’re going?” I ask almost exasperated fed up of getting nowhere with my questioning.

“We’re going to the manor, headquarters, you said you want answers.” He tells me as if it should be obvious. One hand leaves the steering wheel and he reaches forward and presses a button on the touch screen dash. Moments later the radio comes to life soft in the background of a modern beat. I glance at him with scepticism written all over my face.

“What?” He glances at me with a tight smile.

I look away and glance out the window trying to work out where we are, “Nothing; just didn’t think this would be your taste in music.” I mumble quietly.  

He laughs softly as he turns off the busy road we were on and on to a quieter road.  I sigh and stare out of the window absent-minded. “Are we nearly there yet?” I ask quietly curious of where we’re going.

“Five minutes away, Miss Greene.” He answers me formally.

The car turns up a long gravel track with tall trees on either side causing a dark ominous shadow to be cast over us. I notice how the man drives much more steadily up the long track and after five minutes we pull up outside a massive manor. It looks like its centuries old that should accommodate some rich aristocrat.

I go to reach for the door as the car stops but a man outside beats me to it making me jump. This man is much younger than my driver, no older than 20 dressed in a sharp suit with a device in his ear allowing him to talk to someone. As he opens the door to me and nods to the driver I hesitantly step out of the car watching as he presses a button on his ear piece. “With her now sir, straight away, of course sir, yes she is, not much more, no sir, sorry sir.” The man talks into the device watching me like a hawk. He nods once more to my driver who in turn nods and drives off back down the drive leaving me floundering with this new strange man. “This way, please Ma’am.” The new man says as he leads me in through the large extravagant entrance into a great reception area. I gaze around dumbstruck taking in every small detail I find. There are two grand marble stair cases leading up to the next floor on either side of me. Slightly to the left of me is a wide archway leading into another big open room and to the right of me is a door that looks out of place in. It is a small simple black door that would easily be missed by anyone who wasn’t as observant as I am.

The man who lead me into the house is watching me carefully as I take in everything around me, I look up at the ceiling and notice detailed carvings in the plaster. There’s lots of little carvings creating one big picture telling a story. In the centre of the vast ceiling hangs a beautiful chandelier that sends light darting into every nook and cranny in the room.

The man takes a step towards me, “This way Miss.” He says softly unlike the driver. As I look at the man who is obviously trying to get me to follow him I take in his details for the first time, his pale skin is contrasting to his ruffled dark brown hair. He has high prominent cheek bones and at the moment he is smiling smugly at me.

“What are you smiling at?” I ask frustrated

“You’re different than the others, this way please.” He says gently leading me through the archway as his smile widens slightly. Cocky git.


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