Whatever Happened To Christmas?

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Commercialism, Materialism, Fantasies, & Idol Worship has replaced what and who Christmas is only about.








It is a sad state of affairs, but the fact of the matter is that humanity has yet to awaken and realize that we have been duped in to believing that Christmas is about a fictitious old' man in a red suit coming down a chimney bearing gifts rather then celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ. JESUS IS (INDEED) THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! What we see displayed on porches, lawns, and rooftops is: Santa and his reindeer, frosty, the Grinch, Micky mouse, multicolored lights, and many other fabricated images all of which have nothing to do with the True Meaning of Christmas. We hardly ever see a manger scene displayed; in many places it's prohibited. Society and we believers should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing such a travesty! Just like a silly rabbit and egg hunting replaced Easter, Santa, elves, reindeer and all the other useless novelties have replaced what and who Christmas is only about. It brings tears to God's eyes to witness how far we've drifted from celebrating the Birth of Jesus. Making as much money as possible is Paramount! The reason for all this displacement is pathetically obvious: “The almighty dollar!” Profit margins are the bottom line and takes precedence over everything else including celebrating the Virgin Birth. Making as much money as possible is their one and only driving force! I've grown completely disgusted by this very popular show on television called: “Shark Tank.” The panel, consisting of several Billionaires decide what new invention or idea they're going to sponsor or invest in which guarantees them making yet even more money. They're all: selfish, glutenous, narcissistic greedy pigs whose only reason for living take as much money as they possibly can to their graves. What a pathetic existence! Commercialism, Materialism, and Idol Worship have replaced celebrating the Birth of Jesus. We've been subtly brain washed into believing and accepting: THE BIG LIE INSTEAD OF WHAT IS TRUTH! Here's a priority list I developed of what I believe the majority of people think and plan about long before December 25th:


1.How much money do I have to spend this year?

2.Shopping for bargains

3.Presents for friends and family

4.Children, Toys, & Trains

5. Trips, Parties, get-together s, and alcohol

6.Food, Turkeys, Pies, and Decorations

7.Employer Bonuses

8.What gifts will I receive?

9.Going to Church

10.Celebrating Jesus' Birthday


As you can see, what's most important is last on the list. If you are not bothered by this or are just plain indifferent about it, well then, you couldn't be an HONEST AND TRUE BELIEVER. If you are concerned and want to take positive action to put Jesus as Number #1 in our lives, then we must start Spreading The Word immediately! A few years ago, a good musical friend of mine produced an CD of 10 original inspirational songs entitled: “No Longer Two But One;” this album includes a song called: “Great Love.” Jesus was born, suffered and died because of God's Great Love for us. We didn't have the means by which to record this album at a High Tech State Of The Art Recording Studio, so we contacted a local artist and arranger, George Pegula, who just so happened to own Home Recording Computer and agreed to work on the project with us for a modest cost. We completed the project in less than a year. The song: “Great Love” depicts what and who Christmas is only about. We are not seeking any monetary compensation or notoriety with this album-our main objective is to share the messages of these songs and reach as many people we can. If, along the way, we manage to recoup our modest investment, we would be most grateful; this, however, is not our intention. I pray you will take the time to listen to the words in this song: “Great Love is indeed Christmas!” Pass it forward! Let's bring back saying: “Merry Christmas” and bury this: “Happy Holidays” foolishness. Thank you and God bless!


Milton L. Delgado


Debra Records Company


Submitted: November 26, 2015

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yeap,we ve got to change people's orientation on this,we are meant to celebrate Jesus not Santa clause

Sat, November 28th, 2015 9:12am


yeap,we ve got to change people's orientation on this,we are meant to celebrate Jesus not Santa clause

Sat, November 28th, 2015 9:13am

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