evil world

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a story about the transformation of the human being, from naive, good and hopeful, into an experienced, full of hatred person, triggered by the ugly world and people...

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013




These words are triggered only by my deep and true melancholy feeling, I feel lonely, abandoned and unwanted, I see myself wearing black, walking in a dark night, seeing nothing but black wolves, all want to have a piece of me, I walk among them, scared, shy and blind, they laugh when I pass by, I can hear their whispers behind my back. I continue running, walking and crawling, clinging to the hope of seeing the rays of light, I see happy faces above me, in the heavens, smiling at me, talking gently to each other, they distracted me, I kept looking at them while walking, I wished I was with them, denying the darkness I was walking in, lying to myself, pretending that this is where I belong, with them, happy, smiling and laughing, eating grapes and apples. but without me knowing it, the wolves dig me the pit that I blindly fell into, it was deep, it was darker than the dark, it was like it has no end…I kept falling, and falling, looking to the top of the pit while descending in a great speed, while the heavens and the pretty faces went farther and farther, I kept looking at them like it was the last sight, they looked back at me, still smiling at me, waving good bye, I reached my hand, but they only kept smiling, I kept falling and falling until I reached the abyss, I fell on my back, with my eyes still reaching for the skies, my hand reaching for salvation, but instead, a devil’s hand reached back for me, I was angry, disappointed and sad, I took the devil’s hand, and stood on my own two feet again, he looked me in the eyes, and I looked back, his eyes showed an empty soul, a gloomy atmosphere and shouts of grief surrounded my senses, I’m not the same anymore, I’m strong, I’m fearless, and now I shall have my revenge, those who dug me the pit shall pay dearly, also those who distracted me shall pay, the devil showed more mercy than all of them, he taught me how to stand for myself, how to be strong, he made me forget about the old and foolish principles, ethics, values and manners…all those are now ashes from the past, nothing but old habits of a weak character, created by fear and mistaken goodness. I was a prey, but now it’s my turn to become the hunter…I will enjoy walking slowly in the shadows, tearing my foes apart, making them bleed, suffer, and beg for mercy, they shall cry bloody tears…I’ll wipe that smile off their faces, I’ll make them frown and tremble, I will show no compassion, no pity, no mercy or goodness… they stole my principles from me, now I’ll steal theirs…

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