Come Back to Me My Love

Poem by: Tarr


Please come back and forgive me.


Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



Why won’t you just come on home,

I'm tired of being here all on my own,

The world is so dark and lonely when you’re not around,

My thoughts running wild, I can't hear a sound,

I lay awake at night just wishing you were here,

Please… won't you come back to me, my dear.


I know through this life, I've made a lot of mistakes,

But each time I do, we make up, and show the world we have what it takes,

We are trusting, caring, and loving towards each other,

We won't ever compromise without consulting one another.

And instead of having a relationship based around lies,

We live our lives without hiding our feelings deep, down inside,

Until the end, I'll always show my love for you, with all of my heart,

So just come on home and fill that missing part,

The burden of waiting, and thinking of all those mistakes, will bring about my pain and sadness,

Please won't you forgive me and come on home, together ending all of this madness.


For in the end, we'll love each other even more, never quitting even in hard times,

For out of the rough depths, together we'll climb,

I would've never guessed that all I wanted was you here, along next to me,

But do not hesitate my love, if my love you do not see,

For I'll show you my heart, my world, that which is you, my one true love,

Please, don't think these to be just lame words I'll dare to speak of,

But instead find all of the romance beyond my fear and pain,

I'll show you the love that will not refrain,

A love everlasting, that will never slow down,

Neither of us wanting to quit, never showing signs of a frown,

Always fighting just a little more, to come a little bit further,

With you is where I want to be, without a blunder,

I'll attempt to regain your trust by anyway that I can,

Don't worry babe, with you I will forever stand.




© Copyright 2017 Tarr. All rights reserved.

Come Back to Me My Love Come Back to Me My Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Please come back and forgive me.
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