Living in the Winters Cold

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This a poem about a man trying to find his way in life he dosent know who to turn to so he looks to God to ask Him if he would help a poor man find his way.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



Living in the winters cold,

Trying to breathe under this heavy hold,

A man goes some time, working all day long,

But after awhile he gets laid off, and he can't go on,

People all around seem to be losing their jobs,

Every street surrounding him filled with horrible sobs,

For it seemed the hardest wave had just hit from the jobless sea.

He's just trying to find himself, he's trying to figure out who he wants to be.

He begins to search for a job, when he finds some sense of comfort,

A close friend to him, providing him with great support,

A place to stay and some food to go a little longer,

Before he must move on to cease his hunger,

He's never accepted handouts, he's always had to do it on his own.

Applying for jobs at business to business, boy time sure has flown,

The man begins to wonder why, oh, why, would they not pick me,

He thanked his friend for the greatest comfort, and decided to leave,

Yet time still flew by with no signs of success,

Now would be a good time for him to remember that girl's address.

For the longest time ago, she was the only person with whom he'd found success,

He gets to thinking, why did I leave her, why did I move on,

I didn't realize what I had, until she was gone,

She's the only thing that's ever mattered,

In this mad world he's sick and battered,

With nowhere to go, and no one to talk to,

He can't help but cry, because of what this world has come to,

But what do you do when you have nothing left,

When all around you is hate and theft,

All you can do, is continue to do your best,

For everything else is just one of life's tests!

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