Tarra's Typical Day

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This story was for a fun English competition where we had to use words our teacher gave us, this was the story I submitted and it turned out to be a winner! Anyway the story is just a typical day of a girl called Tarra. Hope you like.

Submitted: November 30, 2015

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Submitted: November 30, 2015



~*THUMP*~ That was the sound of me hitting the floor from where I was sleeping, which was on the top bunk of my bunk bed. 

“Tarra! What was that noise.” Melinda my so called mother, had obviously heard me getting up, well more getting down.

 “Nothing, I just dropped something.” I replied.“Don’t mumble I can’t hear you.” Melinda shouted. “Nothing, I just dropped something!” I practically yelled. “Was it breakable.” Melinda replied. Wow really you care about what I dropped but not if I’m okay. “No.” I replied. “Okay well hurry up and get down here you breakfast is getting cold.” Melinda was already sounding impatient. “I’m coming.” I yelled as I started for my door.

 “I was just on the phone with the womenfolk, so the phone is still on cool down.” Melinda said once I made it down the last of the steps.

 “Yep whateves.” I said as I passed her. 

“Tarra! Don’t be so rude.” My so called father Rob, said. “Fine!” I said in an annoyed way as I plunked myself down into a seat as far away as I could get from Timmy my little step brother. 

“Mummy.” Timmy was stuffing his face with jam covered toast and was talking with his mouth full as usual. 

“Yes darling.” Melinda answered in her sweet voice she never used with me.  “What are womenfolk?” Timmy asked as jam dripped down his chin onto the table. 

“It’s a fancy way of saying women.” I interrupted. 

“Yes.” Melinda shot me the glare she always gave me when I had down something she didn’t like. “Oh, then why didn’t you just say women?” Timmy asked as he took another bite from his toast. “Because… Umm…” Melinda was trying to think of something. 

“Because Mummy likes to sound smart.” I mumbled to myself.

 “What was that?” Rob turned to look at me. “Nothing.” I replied turning my attention back to my breakfast. “Mmmm…” He turned and murmured something about getting ready to Melinda then walked out of the kitchen. 

“Tarra before you get dressed I need you to clean up some gunny.It appears the gunnysack is shedding.” Melinda pointed outside. 

“After breakfast.” I replied shoving some food into my mouth. “Fine just be quick.” Melinda said then walked over to Timmy who now looked like he had a jam beard. “Come on Timmy lets get you cleaned up.” Melinda said as she pick him up and walked out the kitchen towards the bathroom.


 ‘So what shall I do today?’ I thought as I put my plate in the sink. ‘Well first things first I have to clean up that gunny.’ I walked out of the kitchen and out into the front yard. I picked up all the gunny and shoved it into the bin then went back into my room and shut my door. I walked over to my bed and lied there for awhile. I think I’d fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes I could only dimly see my surroundings and when I opened my curtains it was night time. 

“Tarra, I’d be obliged if you would come down here now.” Melinda broke the silence in my room with a yell.

 “Coming.” I replied sliding out of bed and out of the door. I made it down the stairs and I went into the lounge room. “You left your windbreaker on the couch.” Melinda said, “It’s a jumper.” I said I I went and picked it up. “Whatever it is I want it off my couch and put away.” She replied. “Okay.” I said and went back up stairs with my jumper. Once I was in my room I threw my jumper on my bed and went over to my bookcase.

 “Did you put it away?” Melinda appeared at my doorway, like she was some sort of ghost sneaking around.

 “Mmm.. Sort of.” I said walking back to my and picking my jumper back up. “Hang it up.” Melinda implied. “Fine.” I walked over to my wardrobe and got out a hanger, put the jumper on and put the hanger back. “There, happy now?” I asked as I went back to the bookcase. “What are you reading?” Melinda asked suddenly curious. “Umm… I’m not sure.” I said and turned around. “Why not Cinderella?” she asked. I started laughing so hard I nearly dropped to the floor and when I finally pulled it together I answered with “Umm… I think not.”. I ran my finger across my books until I got to this one about a girl and this boy. 

“What’s that one about?” Melinda was always picky about what I read now that I think about it.

“Um… I think she’s kidnapped by this boy.” I explained, “Then she falls in love with him.” I continued. 

“So it’s a Stockholm Syndrome story.” Melinda said. “Yeah basically.” I said as I went over to my bed again with the book. “I’ll leave you to it then.” Melinda turned and left. 

‘Wow she’s letting me read this.’ I thought as I flopped down onto my bed and opened the book….

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