Too many times I`ve tried.

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; a poem i wrote when i was going through a dark time..

poem was written by me..

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Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Too many tears I`ve cried,
Too many years I`ve tried.

Too many days I feel
Like nothing in this world is real.


Too many familiar faces I see
That bring back painful memories.

Too many mistakes I`ve made
That brought me nothing but hate.

Too many times I`ve tried to be strong.
Too many times they`ve told me I`m wrong.

Too many times I`ve gone and wrote
a bittersweet goodbye upon a note.

Too many times I didn`t succeed,
And you were never there during my time of need.

Too many times I`ve felt so alone.
Lost in this world with nowhere to go.

Too many times I`ve written a poem
Describing how my own death would go.

Too many times I`ve lied,
Faked a smile and said I`m fine.

Too many times I`ve lost all hope
In this pathetic world, I cannot cope.

Too many times I`ve been let down.
Broke all your promises, left me to drown.

Too many times I`ve tried to escape
All this pain, sadness and heartache.

Too many times I`ve wished to part
From this cruel and cold world that broke my heart.


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