Tartarus Book Review by Bryony Taylor

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A review of Tartarus, a horror novel from the debuting author E. Earle, by Bryony Taylor.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




I first heard about Tartarus where I hear everything else these days- Facebook. There were ominous rumblings of a book, an author, a story, a heroine and in the light of the recent 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon- people were intrigued.

Now don’t wet your pants, Tartarus is no Mommy porn. In fact, if you’re after a bit of a slushy, passive-aggressive novel- 50 Shades is probably your safest bet.

However, for those of you still reading. For those of you after something a bit more..gritty:

Welcome to Tartarus

Hate is a strong word. But you’ve never met Diane Stillman. After Britain’s war in 1996 between the Humans and the “Freaks”, a damaged Diane Stillman is left with the rubble of what was her life. Living above a putrid world where she knows her sister’s killer hides, her existence revolves around retribution.

Tartarus- the Underground City of the Vampires- the freaks- a place with their own rules and regulations. With Government becoming deaf and dumb to her pleas for help, and constant Night Terrors of a figure she calls, “The Man”, Diane moves to the decaying world below to track her sister’s executioner herself. But eyes follow her in choking black ink of Tartarus and something is determined to find her first. Unknowingly hunted for being last of the mysterious Stillman bloodline, and finding herself auctioned off as a blood-whore to a possessive Vampire Lord, Diane finds herself starting to evolve into the very thing she’s afraid of.

A monster…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if The Exorcist, Constantine, True Blood, and Tomb Raider got together and created a book-baby? Well, I have, and the answer is Tartarus. Some may argue that this genre has been overdone of late, and my response is- this is different. It’s dirtier somehow. It’s right-down-in-the-thick-of-it, blood everywhere: DIRTY. As Diane Stillman sinks deeper into the dark world of Tartarus, so does the reader. The visuals the author conjures up as she descends, will leave you wanting to switch more lights on. The further Diane goes, and the more she entangles herself in all aspects of the web that is Tartarus, the quicker you will turn the page.

You won’t expect to be outsmarted by this book, but you will be. The pace is galloping, and just when you feel it’s safe to take a breath, the author will remind you of something from thirty pages ago, and you’re off again. Dramatic events below ground in Tartarus are punctuated by Diane’s own vivid recollections of events above ground. Nightmares. Her sister’s murder. The blackness that has seemed to follow her family for generations. These flash in and out of Diane’s mind as she struggles to conquer the demons of Tartarus, as well as her own.

This book is as raw as Diane Stillman’s soul. It is not refined, it is not polished. But this is Diane’s story and she’s got important sh*t to do.

Tartarus will take you down deeper than you’ve ever been before. You will feel every inch of the descent, as the author plunges Diane into an underworld like no other. As Diane battles, bleeds and screams, and the book draws to a close, the readers will find themselves shouting for the next installment.

Tartarus will be available to purchase from the 12th August 2012. Preorder your copy now from Amazon and Waterstones.




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