The Wise Little Girl

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A little girl inspires a community to work together.

Submitted: December 21, 2007

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Submitted: December 21, 2007



The sun shined bright, a beautiful day
All around, you hear kids play
One little girl heads to the beach
Unknowingly a lesson she’s about to teach
At the beach, she stops and stares
Thousands of starfish just lying there
If left too long, they’ll surely die
This thought made the little girl cry
Take action, she thought, was the right thing to do
Several starfish into the ocean she threw
A stranger walked by, gave her an odd look
Walked over to her, a starfish he took
“There are too many, you can’t do a thing
You won’t make a difference, I know it must sting”
She stood there a while, then tossed in another
The man didn’t know why she even bothered
“For that one fish, a difference I made
It has a life, a life I have saved”
She continued her work, the stranger inspired
He could tell the brave little girl was tired
He picked up a fish, threw it into the sea
It floated away to live its life free
More people came to help in the cause
After a while the little girl paused
The whole town was there, helping the fish
It seems as though the girl got her wish
The town was united, her eye got a tear
About ten minutes later, the beach was all clear
Because of the girl, the starfish would live
The greatest gift the small girl did give

The gift of love, of power, of strength

When we work together, we can reach any length

copyright February 18, 2007

© Copyright 2018 TARxTHExWRITER. All rights reserved.

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