A simple prayer

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Why can't you see what I see?

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



I pray to thee this day in thanks,
for this life, which like a feather
plucked from your infinite form,
you sent forth to drift upon
the winds of eternity
through the distortion of space and time,
which create substance of the massless form
and both shackells the unbreakable
to a fragile vessel,
And frees the fathers omniscient whisper
into acapsule through which it may once again
be enveloped by the mothers warm embrace
to take its mortal place upon the earth

I thank thee also for this love,
syphened from your own veins
which fills my grateful heart
with the divine empowerment of the
purest expression of the human soul
As too for morality itself,
for what would become the extacy of love and joy
save for the knowledge of hate
and the experience of pain

However, pray I now for those
whose hearts run parched,
And whose eyes see not upon thyne beauty
Vision impeded by mirrored seals
to gaze only upon thoust internal shadows

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